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February 28th, 2010: Preface

February 28, 2010

Humans have a fear of things they are unable to see.

We find fear in pitch-dark basements, microscopic viruses, and even the vast expanse of our unforeseeable future.

In a virtual universe, there is very little we truly ‘see’. Life experiences and unfiltered emotions are cut off as they reach our fingertips on the keyboard, only to be replaced by countless words and graphics that flash through our screens.

Two Three Six Five is an attempt to carve a face into the formidable, towering mass of Second Life®– to find emotions and shapes that resonate.

It is a three hundred and sixty-five word window to peer in and feel for somebody you inhabit a server across the world with but have never spoken to.

It is a perpetual acknowledgment that the thousands upon thousands of dots on the map are each living their two lives throughout a day– a concept so easily lost in our own daily routines.

It is an attempt to see what we could not see before.