March 2nd, 2010: Jadis Mai

2 March 2009

This was an important day for us in RL and in SL. After being made redundant in 2008, Kickaha had been unable to find work, so I’d been working nights in a care home. Today was his first day in his dream job. The Open University had bought their third sim, and a friend of ours had the contract for developing and maintaining the sim…and she’d asked Kickaha to join her as the Project Manager! Although the sim had existed since 1 January 2009, there had been delays with contracts,  2 March 2009 was the day it all became official. What this meant for me was that I no longer had someone I could chat to or spend time with whenever I wanted to…and this was true in SL and RL. The other thing it meant was that I could no longer just go and watch Kickaha building and creating as the sim was to be secret until it’s official opening in April. This left me having to field lots of questions from friends who thought I must know what was going to happen, when it would be open to us, and of course why Kickaha was always too busy to stop and chat any more!

2 March 2010

So here we are, one year on. I no longer work, I’m a full time mum and student. Jadis has had a busy year. I’ve directed our Christmas Pantomime on OUtopia, and also worked on the costumes and sets. I’ve organised several major parties and am currently working on the questions for a Quiz which is taking place in the OUtopia pub, The Open Arms, on 6 March. I’ve been lucky enough to meet up in RL with 4 of my close SL friends. Kickaha’s contract has been renewed, but on half the hours he was working, so I’ve got my SL partner back at last! And also today is the first day of my big project – a yearbook to celebrate OUtopia’s first birthday…and of course the most important  thing I need to do is log in and go shopping!


Jadis Mai was born near Glasgow, Scotland but currently resides near London, England with her husband, Kickaha Wolfenhaut, and their three sons. She is studying Biological Psychology at the Open University and serves as a member of the Council as well as Events Officer for the Open University sim, OUtopia.


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