March 4th, 2010: Kianna Noel

This is difficult to write and share, but I promised that I would be honest and real.

I live one day at a time in my real life– I never know what’s going to happen the next day. I live with my mom who has a chronic addiction to drugs and alcohol, I wake up every morning with the fear that I won’t ever see her again, and my situation with her has consumed my everyday life. Today I woke up with the reality that I am going to lose her and that my fears have somewhat come true. We are dealing with the reality that she faces jail time or a very long stay in rehab. I am thankful and heartbroken at the same time. Thankful mostly that it is this and not death.

Through all this my life has felt like a tornado has passed through and mangled everything in its way and I almost let it get the best of me.

I am so lucky to have found SL which is a solace for me where I feel safe and protected by the love and support I have gotten from the friends I have met. I have a better support system and the best friends I could ever ask for. They have no idea how much they have gotten me through all the tough times and how amazing they are. I am reminded by them that there are good people in this world, that good things do happen, that life is not that bad and that it will always get better. Even though it has not all been rainbows and butterflies and I have come across some foul people, the good times and good experiences outweigh all of that. I let Second Life tangle with my Real Life, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was also blessed with the love of my life who keeps me grounded and hopeful. The first person to ever give me something, and someone to look forward to.

To everyone in my SL that has been genuine, supportive and loving , thank you for helping me get through my one day at a time life.


Kianna Noel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is striving to breakthrough and reach her goals in the hair and make up industry. Currently engaged to Naith Smit, she run her own store [AddiCt], designs for LeLutka, and is also a part time DJ for GOL. She loves to design and build, but mostly enjoys spending time with her SL family and friends.


11 Responses to “March 4th, 2010: Kianna Noel”

  1. Leesey Says:

    You are truly the strongest person I know…I’m blessed to have you in my SL and my RL
    Love you Kiki

  2. Naith Smit Says:

    I am really proud of you, and i think that your story and what you have to deal with makes you even more of an amazing person. You are the most loving person and with that said i love you! :)

  3. Your lil miss Says:

    Wow… Your such a strong woman. I love you so much! Things will get better <3

  4. Ara Says:

    You are so brave for having shared your story with everyone, and I am blessed to have crossed paths with you. I love you with all of my heart and know that you always have a friend in me, better yet, you will always have a sister. I am proud of you sissy! <33

  5. Babydoll Starudst Says:

    I am so proud to be your SL sister .. thank you sissy for sharing your story with everyone. Anyone that knows you is the lucky ones!! You are such an amazing person and you don’t change.. which is so rare in SL. I love you to pieces and anyone that knows you .. knows you don’t deserve any of that RL badness that is thrown at you. You are a shining diamond amidst the coals.. love you!!

  6. Kylei Says:

    I admire you for writing this Kiki, I know there are thousand of Kiana’s in the real world who deal with this every day and probably many many in SL who could never find the strength and courage to do what you did. I hope those people all have solace in something as you have in SL and that you will always find hope no matter how hard the situation is. I don’t know you well but I know that you are close to some of my best friends in SL and I just wanted to thank you for being brave and for posting this story.

  7. Divos Titanium Says:

    I had to read this post a few times, actually. I would say that I know you fairly well, Kianna, and I did not know that you had to deal with this kind of struggle in your life. I think that says something HUGE about you: despite all these hurdles, issues, depression, etc. . . . you manage to rise above it all. When I hang out with you or talk to you – I see none of this. What I do see is a sweet, generous and authentic woman who is always the first to stand up for who or what she believes in, and almost always with a smile on her face.

    While I know life is never an easy path at times, I think it is such a colossal testament to your character that you don’t let this get you down or make you cynical. You have been a true pleasure to get to know and this only makes me love you more. Here’s to focusing on the rainbows and butterflies we are blessed enough to see. <3 you! Cheers!

  8. Noor Says:

    Wow… what an mindblowing entry!
    I know this sounds stale and lame but I wish you and your mom truly the best.

  9. Emery Milneaux Says:

    It’s all been said – And there’s no saying it better than Divos did – But I can’t not comment here.

    Such a brave post, Kianna! Your courage is something to be admired. I’m proud of you for sharing and even prouder to call you a friend. (You’re one of my best.) You and Naith both have been so instrumental in making my second go at Second Life a fun, positive experience. And I love you for that. Can’t wait to see what 2010 holds for the three of us. Well, and Sterling. Hahaha… L.A.’s not ready. :P


  10. Kianna Noel Says:

    These comments are so precious to me. Thank you =D and those that commented that don’t know me well.. You get a very big thank you and hug and my doors are always open to get to know me better im always up for making new friends <3

  11. Sterling Jaxxon Says:

    Kianna….You are sooo my ride or die chick. I’ve never met anyone who is stronger and more precious than you. I can’t say that I’m shocked or amazed at how you’ve dealt with this because your uplifting attitude, kind heartedness and sweet, calming nature is no secret. Anyone who knows you and has been lucky enough to call you friend knows what i’m talking about. Keep your head up and know that you will always and forever have a friend…..SL and RL!!! Like Emery says “Here’s to 2010!!! Let’s make it happen!!!” I miss you and xoxo <3 Sterling

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