March 5th, 2010: Lizbet Loening

Spring has started to appear here in Florida. Whenever I’m outside, I notice flowers starting to bloom and trees turning greener.
It’s a short season here and before you realize it, it’s scorching hot and the flowers are gone. Your only refuge is the pool or
staying inside in the air conditioning. The season goes by so fast, either you take notice or you miss it completely. Trust me, there have been too many years where I have look back in the heat of summer and wondered when spring had sprung.

You can get so immersed in yourself and your life that the simple pleasures of enjoying nature are so far down on your to-do list.
If you don’t take it in when it’s happening, it’s gone. You’ll never get that particular moment
back again.  All you can hope for
is that you remember next year to take notice. In my own personal life, I’ve learned the hard way that you only get so much time
here with the people you love.

I’ve tried, this year, to enjoy moments more. I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that bring us the most happiness.
Even in Second Life, I’ve made sure to make the most of the time. Whether it’s letting loose with my crazy friends on a Saturday night,
raising silly bunnies or stealing a hug from my guy, I am in that moment. I relish it. I make the effort to let the little annoyances
go and find the good things in each day.  When I don’t remember to do that, life seems so much more unbearable.

It’s easy to be in the moment when you have so many wonderful people surrounding you. I’ve been blessed with amazing friends.
They are the only reason I still find those sweet, happy moments in
Second Life.


Lizbet Loening currently lives in Florida with her children, two spoiled cats and a silly weiner dog. She’s an aspiring writer with a new novel in the works. In Second Life, she is proud to say she does nothing productive and spends her time with her friends, buying sexy shoes and redecorating her skybox on a weekly basis.


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