March 6th, 2010: Tenshi Vielle

On November 1, 2009, my avatar began wearing two colored eyes. It’s a small way to remember my friend, Dahlia Elide, also known as Hayden Palmira, who lost a week long battle against H1N1. The last time I lost someone that close to me was when I was 16. One of my friends in high school was driving drunk and high – and suffered horrific trauma after becoming airborne and crashing into a tree… I was numb for that funeral. I walked through it like I wasn’t really there. This time was different.

I cried for days after I found out, off and on, in random moments alone. I’m not a crier… people have to either be really close to my heart, or push me really hard, to make me even shed a tear. Kendra Coakes organized a sit-in vigil at Katey Coppola’s sim – we sat, and remembered Dahlia in words and thoughts. Not long after we began, Nick logged in. Nick and Dahlia had been engaged in real life after meeting in Second Life. They were in love, in every sense of the word. Nick began to speak to us over voice, describing what had happened and how absolutely heartbroken he was. Hearing Nick made me cry, all over again, because here was the second half of a partnership, broken before me. I was sitting at my laptop, empathetic and broken hearted for Nick, for Dahlia, for all of us who loved her in our own ways and lost her.

Dahlia had, in 2009, become my friend, my confidant, the girl I’d banter with in private and just talk to. I wear a lavender colored right eye now in my Second Life to remember her, because she supported me through some trying times – and I vehemently feel she did not deserve to die, but if the universe wanted to call her back home, so be it… I just wish it had held off a little longer.

It’s been 124 days, thirteen hours, and fourty minutes since a beautiful person exited this world. You have more time than that. What are you going to do with it?


Tenshi Vielle is the editor and owner of Shopping Cart Disco, and creator of {BOUTIQUE}. First rezzed in October 2006, thanks to a computer magazine article about Second Life. In real life, she’s a twenty-five year old wife and mother living in North Carolina and spends her days buried knee-deep in books.


One Response to “March 6th, 2010: Tenshi Vielle”

  1. clarkbowenford Says:

    Tenshi, that gave me chills and I’ve actually started tearing up reading that. That was a really beautiful tribute.

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