March 10th, 2010: Noor Loam

Dada is many things, but for starters who have no clue what I am talking about, Dadaism was an European movement which reached its peak as an Anti War movement ( among other ) during WWI. Dada translated means “yeah yeah” but also stands for nonsense. Dadaist’s creation of its own language became a play of words which don’t make any sense for the ones who have to much sense. Dadaist’s are artists and non artists, people who like to offend traditionalism and society. Yet offend by not offending in an atypical reply, and leave one with their heads shaking and spinning in circles. Any and everything you may or may not stand up for, Dadaists will question and turn it into a Tabula rasa. Even Carl Jung, famous swiss Psychatrist couldn’t understand the Dada Movement and quoted it as : “It’s too idiotic to be schizophrenic”

Why does this all make sense to me, you may ask?

Simple it is, so it is simple.

Personally, I swear by Dadaism, it’s satire due to my bohemian upcoming and my never ending questioning about Authority.
Dada is me and by using Dada on a daily basis, it eases my mind at whatever both worlds throw at me. It is not an religion nor does it make it any explainable sense. There is no leader, no statues to worship, there is nothing but Dada and your mind.
Dada helps me in my SL profession, my RL studys and to look at the world from a not so serious point of view. To erase of what you have been taught, to let go the convenient way of life – life of way.

Dada Poem for 365:

Blog create It takes to
year create takes to 365
Blog takes to It long
It takes 365 people a
create year blog It to
Blog year long takes people

To make sense of nonsense and nonsense the sense. Makes sense?


Noor Loam is a Second Life MMM aka Mind Money Manipulatrix. She is originally from Germany and now lives in the USA attending college. She has an interesting and sometimes NSFW blog called It’s Noor, Bishes.


3 Responses to “March 10th, 2010: Noor Loam”

  1. Summer Wardhani Says:

    Yeap… perfectly nonsense. Then again, it wasn’t supposed to make sense, was it ? :P

  2. Hans Says:

    Hard to explain in 365 words yet i think you got the point.
    Love the poem :)


  3. Noor Loam Says:

    Thanks Hans ;)

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