March 9th, 2010: December Dollinger

998 days ago I became a resident of Second Life.  In my attempts to flee Help Island, I got stuck in a tree and logged off.  I was less than thrilled.  Of course…back then, I wasn’t aware of the multitude of opportunities that awaited me out there in the crazy pixelated world – or of the many unique, talented, genuine, kind-hearted people that would one day become some of my closest friends.

352 days ago, I met my soul mate.  If you’d told me at the time that’s how it would wind up, I would have laughed in your face.  After finding out that the anonymity of the internet leads some people to desire to be as awful as possible, I’d become jaded and anti-romantic.  It’s always taken a lot to earn my trust, but I’d become cold and distant.  Until I met Mal.

4 days ago, I picked up my Second Life partner at the airport.  I’d spent weeks fretting about his visit.  I’d gotten all gussied up and primped until I could primp no more.  As I sat in the baggage claim, texting him as his plane taxied up to the gate, I could feel my heart rise into my throat.  I stood up from my seat and paced anxiously.  And the moment I saw him, I wrapped my arms around him and didn’t want to let him go.

1 day ago, I had to let him go.  For a weekend, we lived a sort of “Third Life” – away from the obligations of our First and Second ones.  We spent those days happier than either of us could remember being in a very long time.

Today, I am still crying.  A distance that used to feel so well bridged by Second Life or Skype now seems like a million miles.  Never did I imagine that I could find something so complete and amazing through a virtual platform.  But now, I can’t imagine my First Life without my Second.

Tomorrow is a new day, filled with hope, prospects, and limitless dreams that we will chase…together.


December Dollinger is a casual blogger and unfashionista who enjoys spending both her First and Second Life with the people that she loves.  She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her super witty four year old daughter and a fish named Chloe.


5 Responses to “March 9th, 2010: December Dollinger”

  1. Amelie Bramlington Says:

    oh, how i loved to read your entry,
    with mixed feelings though . . .

    best wishes for you and your partner !
    strong and genuine love can “vanquish” a lot . . .
    even a million miles : )
    youll make the best of it :]]

  2. Winter Jefferson Says:

    Your story is strong and beautiful, DeccyGeoff – just as you are. And I know that you two are going to make it for real, you’ll be churning out little hoars within 2 years.


  3. whispers Magic Says:

    You rock it hard sister! I’m so happy for you both!

    And I see you up there Mr. Jefferson! :/

  4. TESA JEWELL Says:

    cem, I am bawling like a baby now. Winter! OMG I miss you Vampy but I understand too. *licks fang*

  5. Chou Says:

    I just couldn’t wait to know more although I didn’t quite dare asking…. Lovely text and news to read. And yes it is one of those moments, the airport accounter well… Lived it 5 years ago and I seriously still remember all the details, what he wore, how he smiled… Have faith in the future to make it happen….

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