March 11th, 2010: Fine Caliber

Haven’t made a pose in a good month.  I’ve been finding every excuse to be unproductive.  Picking up a parcel, decorate it, rearrange, do it again.  My latest acquisition: a nice relaxing area with a hot spring for friends to hang out in and a small set-up to sell my poses and lights.

The neighbor next to me in the corner felt crowded and promptly moved his residence a couple thousand meters up.  I liked the open space so much that the build to my left with it’s flickering, cinder block texture began to restrict my breathing.  I mean the thing was a tenth-of-a-meter away from the property line at best.  A friend of mine made the best of it by decorating the wall facing my parcel.  The store owner sent her partner to my parcel to ask me to take the “graffiti” down.  Moved it a tenth away from the property line on my side.  Their response, of course, was to then move their build a thousand meters in the air.

Now my friend really liked the idea of having a nice open space on this side of the sim to decorate which suited me just fine.  I began by moving the wall art up about a thousand meters in the air, got distracted, and didn’t get much further than that.  Somehow this was interpreted as griefing.  I must have missed their IMs of complaint as well as my opportunity to defend myself before they took their prims and left.

Not surprisingly, I began to feel kind of bad.  Why was I doing this?  Are my morals really that flexible when I’m around new friends, or is it me just being more comfortable with who I am?  Should I write a NC in apology or make a large purchase of silks and tear-away clothing at the store’s new location should it find one?

My guilt was quickly overshadowed by how well my friend decorated her parcel.  Even though she did it with a mouth-breeding fish that played 10 second sound loops, I felt comfortable adding this place to my list of homes.


Fine Caliber lives in Southern California and despite all appearances, she is a workaholic.  Visit a fine line. at Emerald Point as shown above.  Here is her link parade: BLOG, TUMBLOG, FLICKR, and PLURK.


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