March 13th, 2010: Adelayda Gossipgirl

I was born August 28 to a woman who was only 17 years old and never wanted me. Because of her young age and drug use my new parents were told their child wouldn’t be as normal as the other kids. They counted me out.

As a child with Leukemia, I wasn’t given the chance to excel. I was denied my dreams. I was told to prepare for a long hard life, because I didn’t have what it takes to succeed. Again, they counted me out.

I was removed from my junior high school just prior to graduation and almost again in high school. They said I couldn’t do it.
Now I may reflect on the hurdles I have made to silence the critics and position myself to excel. I am a writer,  but they said I couldn’t do it. I was the captain of my high school soccer team, but they said I wouldn’t be able to. I stare directly into the dream that is college, the only dream they were unable to deny me and I am knocking on the door. I have struggles as an adult, but am on the threshold to success given my hard work and enduring will to succeed. But they said I couldn‘t.

I have worked hard to have a rewarding life. My title: Volunteer. My Job: Help people who are less fortunate. My Mission: To touch as many lives and open as many eyes as possible to the endless potential that is within each of us.

I have reached a point in life that I have become comfortable with who I am, and who I want to be. I want to make a difference, I want to change the world. My only fear in life, is that when my time has come and my final breath is upon my lips, I have not had an effect on a single soul. When I die, I need to know that I, in some way have made someone’s life better; that I prompted the thought process that made them want to be better. We all have the potential for greatness, we just need a little guidance from time to time.


Adelayda Gossipgirl was born near Grand Rapids Michigan where she still lives. She is currently applying for college where she hopes to study psychology and hopes to become a behavior analyst someday. In Second Life, she blogs for Lilac Rose; a blog she shares with her best friend Sarah and loves to spend all her money on hair.


3 Responses to “March 13th, 2010: Adelayda Gossipgirl”

  1. Daila Holder Says:

    Inspiring post! Your determination will take you far!

    Good luck with college, and thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Krissy Muggleston Says:

    College will be a piece of cake compared to what you’ve already experienced. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. arianna earst Says:

    Hi Adelayda, I have also been told that I couldn’t succeed in many things in life. My parents came from a poor country and barely had a high school education. I was the oldest in my family and I had no one to help me figure out “life”. My parents were always working and had little time to assist me in my education. Even if they tried, they gave up fast because they didn’t go to school in the USA and they found it difficult to understand.

    I got good grades in school and decided to go to community college because I didn’t have enough money to attend a university. I had a professor tell me that I would never make it to the university and it would be too difficult for me. Yes, a professor told me this! Very shocking and it hurt a lot. I guess it was the best thing for me because instead of pushing me down, I felt even stronger. You see, I struggled with a learning disability all my life and I spent most of my time struggling with my studies because it would take me hours and hours to get through a single chapter in a text book.

    Where am I know? I am graduating with a bachelors degree in social science with a minor in psychology. I am the first in my generation line to be heading to graduate school and possibly a doctorate program. I am very determined to do what know one else thought I could do. I know that I have the potential and even if I am the only one who believed in myself, then so be it.

    I also feel the same about life, I want to make a difference for others. That is my destiny in life and I have known it all my life, I just didn’t realize it. Just believe in yourself even if know one else believes in you. Only you can make those changes in your life. If you want to go to college, believe you can do it. Don’t stop working towards that goal, don’t lose sight, ever. No matter what anyone else tells you. You have already knocked down so many obstacles already in your life. That’s pretty amazing. :-) Remember also that the little things in life that you do can touch someones life forever and you may never know about it. My words to you.

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