March 14th, 2010: Daila Holder

In 2006, when I first joined Second Life, I considered it to be a new toy to play with and explore.  As is common with toys, I soon grew bored.  Within a year, I had stopped visiting.

Six months later, due to a change in real life, I returned to see what, if anything, was different.  Unlike my first visit, I did not treat Second Life as a toy, but instead, it became my virtual neighborhood bar.  People greeted me when I arrived, and I dropped in quite frequently.

Somehow over the next 18 months, the way that I interacted in Second Life changed.  The balance between my real and virtual lives started to shift.  I blogged about my virtual life.  I plurked with my virtual friends.   I was immersed, and I loved it.  Then quite suddenly, there was a change.  I became careless and took something quite precious to me, my Second Life, and made it all about someone else.  My virtual existence started to revolve around one individual.  When I became disappointed in that person, my Second Life suffered.  It was not the same carefree world that I loved.  Just the act of logging in became painful.  I dreaded visiting the world that I once cherished.

At the time, I felt my only recourse was to banish everything related to Daila Holder from my life.  It was, as some would say, an immature response, but it was my response.

It has been almost six months, since I hit delete.  At the last possible moment, I saved my inventory from being deleted, and I’ve even logged in about six times since then.  Though I find that I usually only log in for a specific purpose.  Today, for example, I will log in to spend time with my friend Nuuna on her birthday.  Though, unfortunately, I do not see myself actively maintaining a virtual life ever again.

My advice to anyone that loves their Second Life is to cherish every day that you have it as an outlet or an escape, and to be wary of anyone or anything that may change the way you view your world.


Daila Holder is married and resides in the United States.  She works on a military base and spends her days counseling soldiers and Plurking.  Her nights are filled with mindless computer games and way too much Hulu.


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