March 15th, 2010: Christensia Parkin

March the 15th is not a very special day for me, but I did find a bit of time to reflect on my life today.

Being born in a family with a fixed set of values and expectations makes things tough. Probably within the first ten years of your life, ‘they’ decide what you are supposed to be – a doctor or an engineer. This was known as the revolution of the status of woman in the Indian society, where at least the woman is getting educated whether it interests her or not. I was probably almost forced to believe that I love the technical field and I was, perhaps equally blind enough to believe that their expectations were my goals. So here I am stuck between what I’m supposed to be and what I wanted to be – simply programming all day to oblivion. Perhaps I was too obedient.

Back in October 2008, I came across this wonderful medium that offered a creative outlet to what I really wanted to do. I couldn’t be more thankful to Second Life for giving me an opportunity to express my ideas that could have just been floating in my head for nothing. I don’t hesitate to say that I probably spend half of my day in this virtual medium because it lets me be what I really want to be. The people I meet, the friends I make and the lessons I learn have helped me in becoming a better person and taught me to live for myself.

At the end of the day, I sleep with a satisfaction that I did something that I wanted to do.


Christensia Parkin is a university student (computer science major) and a freelance graphic designer living in Florida, USA. She is half Indian by decent. In Second Life, she owns an upcoming fashion line called Hyper Culture and manages one of the best house music clubs in second life – SLeek Beach Club. You can find her on twitter at


4 Responses to “March 15th, 2010: Christensia Parkin”

  1. Maretch Says:

    So cool! ILY <3

  2. Summer Wardhani Says:

    Really happy that you’re able to fulfil your creative soul in here. I for sure love what you design, so please keep on doing it, alright ? Thanks for sharing !

  3. christensiaparkin Says:

    thank you for ur comment! glad you love my work :))

  4. Amelie Bramlington Says:

    woo chrissy! \o/ u feckin rawk :D:D

    ♥ loved to read ur story, ur a creative Bomb xD!

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