March 17th, 2010: Darkley Aeon

I am not Irish.

I was born and raised in London, therefore I am English, however my parents were Irish, who came over in the early 70’s and stayed.  I have mixed feelings about St Patrick’s Day, partly because I feel like a fraud celebrating it. I don’t have the right accent and whenever I’ve been to a pub in London during St Patricks day it seems wrong, and a bit forced. I also feel a bit fraudulent as I have done all I can to distance myself from my ropey family.

The other reason is because it’s now an Oirish celebration.  What I mean by that is in the same way that people from outside London that put on the ‘cockney’ accent are Mockney twats, Oirish is that over the top, food colouring in the Guinness, ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ hat wearing, leprechaun images on everything brand of Irishness from which I can’t keep my inner snob from sneering about. I have been in rural Ireland for St Patrick’s day years ago, I went to the pub with some cousins, got drunk and had an amazing night, but not any different from a weekend at any other time of the year.

In Second Life, I grit my teeth at the feeds around this time of year, where every possible item of clothing and accessory is GREEN, from glittery thongs to hats (not to be mistaken for green, which is lovely of course).  It’s almost over for another year, and I’ll find something else minor to irritate me next month I am sure.

There is another reason why 17th March has significance to me, as it was the due date of my first baby.


Darkley Aeon is a photographer, contributing to Vain Inc. Magazine and Shopping Cart Disco. She spends most of her in-world time up to various shenanigans. In real-life, she worked as a photographer in the past in the oh-so-glamourous world of medical photography.  She currently lives in London with her 2 children and has begrudgingly returned to honest paid labour.


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