March 18th, 2010: Stokely Mayfair

I woke substantially earlier than usual today. My sister had been here for three days, and this morning it was time to see her off to the airport. A quick coffee, some help packing and before I knew it I was hugging her goodbye. After she left, I was standing outside in the sun, thinking. One of my thoughts was that I probably won’t go on SL today. Everything was bright and beautiful and warm, and entrenched in an online world was quite frankly the last place I wanted to be.

My day was spent walking with my dogs, sitting on the porch with my mp3 player, some light cooking and quick little jaunts onto the internet.

All in all, super-duper pleasant and worry-free.  I don’t think it was any more or less enjoyable because of the absence of Second Life. The name describes it all, “Second Life”…if you think that problems that haunt you in your “first life’ won’t somehow creep into your “second” one, then you’ve got another thing coming. It’s not so much of an escape as it is an alternative. A tempting one, to be sure, but one that I wanted to elude today. Why, though, is another matter completely.


Stokely Mayfair lives in Toronto and works in health care. A former Second Life apparel blogger of two years, Stokely has started the ‘Male Apparel Inquiries’ group: a forum for all questions related to the male avatar and appearance in SL.


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