March 19th, 2010: Petros Miklos

Waking up as a ball of light,
Falling down never knowing where,
Mention not when nor why,
For this rabbit hole plunges deep down above your eyes…
A paragon of imagination,
An unlikely construct too uncanny to describe.

Monsters or angels,
Kind souls or banshees.
Matter not in the end,
For all you see is not here
But living somewhere else,
Behind blue prim eyes,
Six server’s apart, no more,
Deep down someone’s soul
(though you only see what his hand can draw from its soul).

It is magical, pure technological banter.
Too slow to reign supreme,
Too immersive if ye let it so.
Vanquishing borders and miles apart,
Only time zones remain a burden,
Shame and fear are not imported,
A perfect mirror to many eyes,
A metamorphosis to all others
But, in essence, no more deceptive
Then the mask we call real.

Name it second, live it so.
Live it first though and you’ll see it so:
No line, no frontier, no main or alt,
An extension alone it will be,
Like your arm or your fingertip,
An eyelash for some,
Their entire heart for others…
Such is life, the second one,
Only what you wish it so.

Like Alice’s friend, Morpheus, said
“How deep it is I can not say,
This rabbit hole you must see first
And only then you’ll understand,
There is no need to understand
How deep it is this rabbit hole.”
Just let it flow, let it flow,
The fuzzy glow, oh shapeless playdoh…


Petros Miklos was born 29 years ago in Portugal and first exhibited his Second Shape in late 2007. It took time to realize that he and himself were just an intertwine version of him, but in such journey of self-discovery much was learned. He’s been a wanderer in Second Life ever since. Mostly searching for himself but often encountering kind twin souls that resonated with him in both Worlds. The many things he may have done and be, means little compared to what he’s learned. He also proclaims the existence of a blog (though hardly updated): though he prefers to be seen as a bard of sorts, a wandering traveler that ultimately is not discovering the World, but himself.


2 Responses to “March 19th, 2010: Petros Miklos”

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  2. Summer Wardhani Says:

    Oh boy, at last another poem and with such depth! I’ve re-read it now… and found new meanings, as it always happen with the poems you write ! And true, SL is all of that and yet more… <3

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