March 21st, 2010: Plastic Swords

I almost nearly didn’t write this, after reading other people’s touching stories I felt that I had nothing worthwhile to contribute. Thinking about it I realised that Second Life really has affected my real life in more ways than you would think.

I have gone through some really rough times in real life when I felt alone and helpless and when my real friends weren’t there I could turn to my SL friends who, just because I hadn’t seen them and felt them in real life, didn’t make them any less important to me. There are 3 special people in my SL I’d like to mention: Luxe Helendale, Putrid Gloom and Unhe Tomorrow. If they read this they will know why they’re so special to me. Without people like this I would have probably left SL or either gone a bit mad. They keep me sane and reassure me I am worth something.

SL has tought me to be stronger, more creative, more confident and more sympathetic. I have a long way to go to becoming the person I want to be but they’re helping me to get there. I finally, after 2 ½ years in SL feel like i’m part of something, and feel included which is basically all I want here. There have been times I’ve wanted to never look at SL again but I know I would soon miss it, the people and the “community” feeling. I really can’t tell you how important the people in my SLife are. They get me through the days, and I am so grateful.


Plastic Swords is an over-thinker, a dreamer, a lover and a procrastinator from Glasgow, Scotland. Right now she is just trying to figure out where she wants to be in life and trying to feel herself again. She aspires to be a graphic designer or a photographer, but most of all she aspires to be happy.


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  1. luxeurious Says:

    <3 you !

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