March 22nd, 2010: OMGWTF Barbecue

For awhile today I thought about what excuses I could give Trace for missing my deadline that would be at once implausible, yet completely believable (Kidnapped by narwhals? I’d believe me!).

For awhile today I thought I’d lost a small item that turned out to be in my pocket.  I have done this 4 times and each time I think there’s no way I’m stupid enough to have overlooked my pocket again and then – oh my heck, there it is.

For awhile today I procrastinated, but in the most efficient way –  I put off work by doing other work.

Realized how little sense that makes. Realized that regardless of how much I dislike Cadbury crème eggs, I cannot let an Easter pass without buying and consuming one. Realized I have an opportunity here to say something poignant.  Or funny.  Or sad.

Decided against getting on a soapbox of any particular flavor. Decided from here on out, all talking and writing I do should be in the style of Mr. Jerome David Salinger. Decided to stop being such a goddamn phony and go to the beach in search of bananafish.

Drew a blank.  Drew a bath, soaked.  Drew my legs up beneath me in front of my computer, and put words on a page.


OMGWTF Barbecue wants really badly to tell you all about herself, but being a “creative type” sometimes lends itself to poor life choices, which have resulted in her not being able to read or write.  Currently she takes her coffee with sugar and cream and sasses way too frequently.  9 to 5 had previously found our heroine designing accessories and apparel for the action sports industry, until everyone in the world ever lost their job.  She likes iced tea, Redd Columbia, and begrudgingly resides in Southern California.


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