March 24th, 2010: Uriah Eulenberg

I don’t like this season. Not only because I have hay fever, but because there’s a feeling of lonesomeness. Here in Japan, every school has a graduation ceremony in mid-March, and also most companies have personnel changes in the last 10 days of this month. So these couple of weeks are called “season of parting”.
Friends say that I’m very cautious, too serious and old-fashioned about personal relations. I watch over people, listen them carefully, always take enough time to make friends with them. Meanwhile once become friends, I get kind of loyalty and try to be there for them no matter what happens. At every parting, I miss them too much.

However in the world of online, human relations are formed and grown much faster than offline’s. To be discreet is to be unnoticed. I sometimes get the impression that they might be able to find a new love in 3 days and hate her/him in another 3 days (then on the 7th day, they may possibly tweet it). It’s really hard for me to adjust myself to the world. If SL were an ordinary tool for communicating, I wouldn’t be on the grid now.
SL allows me to stay there online like me as a very cautious, too serious and old-fashioned guy. I may get another lonesome feeling when they leave me and the grid, but I’d rather take good care of people.

By the way, one of my best friends rang me today to ask when I’d be available to go to see Sakura with a bunch of fellows. We have special feelings for the flower, cherry blossoms, since we can see them bloom only in this season of parting. Besides, all of us have seen them at least once with tearful eyes. To offset the tears, sorrows, hopes and fears for changes in environment, we drink and make merry under the trees. As I’m not only old-fashioned but also decent in conduct, have never got drunk in real life, though. Might be slovenly in SL, because it doesn’t really mean to be drunk in public. I’m actually at home and usually relaxed to stay online.


Uriah Eulenberg was born and lives in Tokyo, Japan. He works as a freelance graphic/product designer, and as a contributor in music industry. In Second Life, he runs his own men’s clothing shop called BALACLAVA!!


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