March 26th, 2010: Summer Wardhani

Some days I hardly have the time to login into the metaverse. Those are the days I just pick up notecards and notices to prevent my messages from capping. But today oh yessss, it’s Friday! Time to have that special shopping spree and grab the Fifty Linden Fridays items. Gosh, it’s like all my favourite designers decided to join in and spoil their customers with the best articles ever!

Ahem… *puts on a serious face*. Oh no, this is not about shopping, I simply diverted for a moment! Guess you can blame our wonderful creators for that, shame on them for never stopping designing the most awesome of things!

*TPs back to her place and looks around* I’m so grateful that I have such amazing neighbours! Two days ago, this sim had a pinkish soil with square trees, huge sleepy blue snails and half-read giant books spread all over the place. Today, I found it a good idea to drop some red rust on top of the not so tall mountains… just because I felt it matched nicely the new green ground covered with little yellow flowers. Can’t avoid a small dilemma, though, for I woke up thinking it would be fun to try a different scenario with square little dolls running after some giraffes. And what shall I make with those cutest little green sheep with pots of flowers on their heads?  Oh well, I can’t help it, I keep changing my mind every two days about the landscape I would like to build and photograph, so it’s highly probable that something will come up that’s totally unrelated to the above.

You see, the truth is that some other days I wake up with the urge of giving life to dreams and nightmares that visited me while I slept. Those are the days where, being on my own at home, I forget about time and dedicate myself completely to drawing on my laptop the images that somehow erupted from my mind and soul.

You see… it is now three years and half since I first rezzed in Second Life… and still the metaverse is the only place I am able to play god.


Summer Wardhani has her heart and feet firmly settled in Lisbon, Portugal, where she works full-time in the area of international affairs for a non-profit health organisation. In Second Life, she takes the chance of experimenting every path her imagination leads her to. She blogs, plurks, and flickrs whenever she feels like, on a most irregular basis, only condition being… it has to be fun and fulfilling.


One Response to “March 26th, 2010: Summer Wardhani”

  1. Petros Miklos Says:

    Of all the many things one can do virtually, the creativity and the possibility to create is without doubt one of SecondLife’s unique possibilities.

    Sure, personal development, role-playing, grouping, education, live music, friendships and even love are all possibilities as well, but they have been so for many virtual mediums already (and for quite some time). What’s really striking about SL is that its almost virtually made from user made content!! And though one may not appreciate or value such a thing, that is, both technologically and individually, astonishing!

    Party on Babe ;)

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