March 30th, 2010: Gemma Mornington

Growing up I had a plan for how I wanted my life to turn out; graduating high school with honors, college, having my own boutique, married at 23, and kids by 25.  Obviously I knew things wouldn’t go exactly as planned, but I figured most of it would happen.  You don’t really expect for something to change your life so drastically that everything you know and want fades completely into the background.

I became chronically ill when I was 14.  Instead of going to school regularly, I began going to doctor visits regularly.  My health issues overshadowed and changed my direction.  I was forced to complete high school differently than your average teenager.  Because of this, I missed out on knowing how to handle social interactions.  My life continues to not go as I planned since I’m now 25 years old and still dealing with the constant pain and fatigue from my illnesses.

I found Second Life just by chance in 2007, but I didn’t actually start playing until the end of March 2008.  I didn’t expect a game to change my life, but seeing as it has been roughly two years, I can honestly say it has.  It has allowed me to live a life with good friends, laughter, shopping, and have real memories.  I still have a lot more to learn and more mistakes will probably be made, but that is the parallel between real life and Second Life.


Gemma Mornington was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  She loves to lose herself in a good book and enjoys the company of her cat.   In Second Life, she is an aspiring clothing designer, has her own blog, Gemma’s Jewels, and is a new blogger for Fashion Cracked.


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