March 31st, 2010: Logan Porterfield

Today, Linden Labs pulled Viewer 2.0 out of Beta and made it official. I thought they weren’t going to release it until May. Surprise!

I woke to a call from my parents for our traditional morning “gab over coffee” across the miles. It’s an odd sort of day for me today; the day before the one-year anniversary of a good friend’s unexpected death, which brings to mind the deaths of both my grandmother in February and brother in August last year, and in recalling, I feel both empty and heavy with loss. My grandma always said death came in threes. Is it just a coincidence, or was she right? I’m sick as a dog and sitting at my desk in my lounging pajamas listening to the rain while I work. My dogs are camped out on their bed beside me. The coffee tastes good even with an impaired olfactory sense.

As I work, I wonder how I’ll feel in a few days, and if I’ll be up for doing anything for my partner’s and my ten-year anniversary. I smile thinking of her, and when I take a break from work, I buy her some new hair for her avatar. No, not for an anniversary present – don’t be obtuse! Just because. It’s a luxury and a privilege to be able to work at home. You can do things like that. You can also stop to write about your day for a stranger’s blogging project when you’re your own boss – but best of all – you can crawl back in bed and curl up with your warm and fluffy little dogs on days when you feel like crap, and that is precisely what I think I’ll be doing after I finish up the layer I’m working on.


Logan Porterfield is a digital artist, philosophy student, writer, and former singer-songwriter in her first life. She’s the owner/designer of the urban apparel shop “LoPo Designs” in Second Life, and has recently resurrected her singing career in world. For more info, visit


One Response to “March 31st, 2010: Logan Porterfield”

  1. arianna earst Says:

    I was once told that death comes in threes, by an older woman. I didn’t believe her. During my time of knowing this woman, one day, her grand daughter died. A couple weeks later her brother died. A month later her close friend and the friend’s family died in a highway car crash. I guess she was right.. at least for her. Could it have been a self-fulfilling prophecy? I will never know, she died soon after. She was in her 90’s. I miss her and I think about her all the time. She really left a great impression on me. I hope her situation is not common and I will always remember her as you remember the people you loved and have passed on from this life.

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