April 2nd, 2010: Harper Beresford

My day starts with the windows open. The air is unseasonably warm and sensual and there is an undeniable feeling of festivity in the air.

It’s the first day of spring break for my son, who is in first grade. This means he is up at the crack of dawn to get on the computer. When he hears his parents stir, he immediately bounces in to report that the internet is down. My husband gets up to check. He will be working from home today and needs it to be going. We are a very wired family.

My son was born two days before the US invaded Iraq. As I see him grow, I appreciate the many years soldiers have been in Iraq and fighting for something his parents certainly never believed was true or right. I finished reading Suite Francaise late last night. I can see how easily one can get caught in something horrible that unwinds astonishingly before one’s eyes. The idea of ever losing him or him losing me terrifies me.

He brings happiness and wonder to this world. He got my mom through four surgeries for a broken hip and bad knee. He got my dad through heart surgery and a lawsuit and a relocation. He welcomed a lonely woman from Croatia via Florida with his hugs. As he cheerfully sings French chansons in the bath tub, as he complains about what’s for dinner (as he does every night), as he explains to yet another person why his hair is still pink (because we dyed it with Kool-aid over 3 weeks ago and it’s still not come out), I realize why I am here on this earth–to be his mother.

We, all three, spent the day on computers. Tonight we ate outside at Culver’s in the windy warmth, and he laughed boisterously at each gust while his dad logged into work from his laptop. At home, he read Gooseberry Park to me, giggling at the word “sarcasm.” I boiled eggs for dyeing with Eshi tomorrow. He got his annual Easter photo taken with his beloved animals. Domestic bliss.

Point blank, my son is the antidote to the badness in the world. What a heavy weight for seven-year-old shoulders, yet there it is.


Harper Beresford lives her Second Life as Duchess of House of RFyre, owner of the Avant Garde and Vanguard sims, and daily fashion blogger for A Passion for Virtual Fashion. She also co-owns the fashion bloggers group in SL and spends a lot of time in inventoil (the process of sorting inventory). She loves orchids and KCRW!


3 Responses to “April 2nd, 2010: Harper Beresford”

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  2. Eshi Says:


  3. Raven Pennyfeather Says:

    An amazing child and proof that the apple does not fall far from the tree. ::hugs::

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