April 3rd, 2010: Lewis Luminos

Today, I’m in the house on my own. My daughter has spent the past week on her first independent holiday; she organised a week in a rented cottage in Wales with friends, and today my partner is driving to Anglesey to pick them up and bring them home. There’s no room in the car for me so I’m staying at home.  It’s more than 21 years since I first held her in my arms and now she’s all grown up. It makes me feel old.

But the peace and quiet is nice. Although I’m not religious and I don’t celebrate Easter, I do get an extra-long weekend off work so I have a little more time than usual to log into Second Life. For the past few days I have been trying out Viewer 2 and exploring the new Discovery Island Public, giving what help I can to the lost and confused.

Second Life has been a marvelous opportunity for me to express myself in the virtual world in a way that I’m not (yet) totally able to do in the real world. I was born female but all my life, since pre-school, I’ve felt that I should have been male. A combination of fear, lack of knowledge and lack of resources have held me back but this year, things are different. The resources are coming together, the fear is less, I have the support of my family, and now I am embarking on the long journey of transition.

It would be untrue to say that it’s all because of SL because it’s a plan I’ve had for years before SL was even invented, but I think that it gave me that final boost of courage I needed to come out to my family and get the process started. It’s also made me realise that I’m not really changing anything at all, except for my outward appearance. I’ve been told that before I’m allowed medical transition I must live as a male for at least 12 months. SL has shown me that I’ve already been living as male all my life. I just didn’t know it.


Lewis Luminos lives in Manchester, UK, with his partner, his daughter, and his dog. He prefers not to work at all in Second Life, and would rather spend all his time hanging out in bars with friends and listening to live music. The truth is he’d rather do that in real life too.


One Response to “April 3rd, 2010: Lewis Luminos”

  1. Munchflower Says:

    That was really brave and touching.

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