April 4th, 2010: Cristiana Silverweb

It has been exactly two years since I’ve been in America. A year ago, I was practicing my English, unaware of my Second Life, more like the beginning of a new life. When I arrived in New York, exhausted and blargh, I knew that something better would happen. New York, a year ago was so noisy, and what shocked me was how nice the people were! When I came back to Finland, I decided to contact my local embassy, and 4 months I waited, and finally got a student visa. I improved my English greatly, taking notes about the American cultures and ways.  I was so psyched!

My parents were quite “BLARGH!” as well, but they didn’t mind as longed as I skyped frequently. I decided while in my student visa to try and get it extended. Little did I know, I would be actually working in the United States! I got a call from my old job, asking if they wanted an interview. I was simply stunned!

Right now in my second life, I have to admit I am a shopaholic. I shop SO much, and my inventory is quite cluttered. SL helps me breathe, helps me relieve the stress of the first life. With out second life, I wouldn’t be happy, and my self-confidence would have skyrocketed. In fact, my Photoshop levels have probably gone up too. People in my RL don’t realize the potential virtual worlds have, how astounding seeing your best friend come online! I owe it all to my fab second life.


Cristiana Silverweb currently lives in the Midwestern USA. She enjoys DJing, hair shopping, fiddling with Photoshop, and frustrating video games.


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