April 5th, 2010: Geaven Gall

Today is Easter Monday, and I have just come home from a very satisfying and wonderful dim-sum lunch with a good friend I met in SL a few years ago who has become one of my best friends in RL. Our cozy camaraderie causes me to remember why I have not given up on this metaverse called Second Life despite the multitudes of bugs and vague policy changes.

Some people consider Second Life to be just a game; a place where they can be something completely different than what they are, be it a furry, a mythical creature, a vampire, or even just a walking trashcan. For me, I have always been me in Second Life and it has never been a game but rather a parallel universe where I’m continuously finding myself amongst kindred spirits.

I was interviewed a long time ago on SLNN to sum up what Second Life meant to me in one word. Most people would use words like ‘exciting’ or ‘different’, but the word I used to sum up my Second Life was ‘Life’.

I joined Second Life five years ago as I needed a distraction from my grief after losing a close family member. I took a break a year after that due to another personal tragedy but was drawn back to it by my friends in SL and my need for an escape.

Second Life has been a therapeutic outlet for me in many ways. It has broken down the walls of silence and grief and allowed me to write again. It has transported me from my mundane job (then) and let me script again. It is not a magic wand which I can wave to right the hands of Fate but rather a pointer stick that teaches me how to deal with the blows.

This is my Second Life…
This is where I learn to love,
To hope, to trust,
To laugh with my heart,
To cry without fear,
To fly with wings of freedom,
To be all that my soul can be,
And to live again;

And if perchance
You are my teacher
In this arduous learning,
I thank you
From the bottom of my heart.


Geaven Gall was born and raised in Malaysia but immigrated to Western Australia two years ago. She’s a freelance web developer, part-time clinic administrator, perpetual dreamer and wannabe writer. In SL, she’s a scripter and owns GG Creations which specializes in gadgets and A/V equipment. She is also part of the Planets Citizens Project, a musical project with the vision of bringing people together through music.


2 Responses to “April 5th, 2010: Geaven Gall”

  1. Khazyah Says:

    hey Geaven :) Just wanted to say how wonderful I think your entry is … and I really do agree with what you say about: “but the word I used to sum up my Second Life was ‘Life’.” … its how I see it too.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thalia :) Says:

    What a fab way to describe your sl GG ………….you have been my teacher and my friend and i thank you to :) xx

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