April 6th, 2010: Merrick Thor

What does this day mean to me?  I’ll tell you, it means everything – as does every other day of the year.  Does this sound like a cliché?  Well it probably does, but I don’t really think something is a cliché when you hold it to yourself as true.

I’m probably not your typical SL resident.  Not saying that the following is true about everyone in SL, but I’m not here to “escape” anything or pretend to be someone or something that I’m not.  I came into SL simply to explore but, more importantly, I came in as myself.  The personality of Merrick Thor is for all intents and purposes, MY personality.  On my SL profile, on Plurk, and on Twitter I describe myself as a “Caffeine-Fueled Court Jester”, and that’s pretty much true in both worlds.

So what does all this have to do with the price of tea in China?  I’ll tell you – not a whit.  It’s just my way of saying that I don’t try to hide things about myself.  For better or worse, I’ve always been and WILL be ME.  So saying, I tend to concentrate more on aspects of my “Real” life than I do on the happenings in this virtual one.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy SL as a great outlet for creativity and social interaction but it’ll never hold a candle to what some clever SL bloggers have labeled “The Meatspace”.

Case in point would be the day trips taken in RL with family and friends.  I sit today reflecting on my most recent, taken just yesterday with my wife & daughters, to the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna, FL.  Call me a hypocrite, but I don’t think there’s a sim in SL that could be more fun than a three-hour drive followed by a day of “Ooh”s and “Ahh”s from a 5 and 7-year old as they descend into the subterranean depths of NW Florida.  As anyone who knows me as Merrick can tell you, those two little ladies and my wife Elora are the center of my world – both real and virtual.  Would I have it any other way?  Nope.  Not on your SLife.


Merrick Thor is from Jacksonville, Florida and spends the majority of his time in SL sculpting, building and cracking jokes with his friends.  In his carbon-bound existence, he is an Education & Training Manager with the Air National Guard and struggles daily with the looming specter of his nicotine addiction.  He’s not a fashionista or a SLebrity by any means, but he enjoys blogging whatever nonsense may pop randomly into his head for the few folks online willing to waste their time reading it.  He lives for 80’s music, Stephen King novels, Caribbean Jerk chicken and geek culture … and wants you to remember that “Spadoinkle”, while fun to say, is NOT a real word.


3 Responses to “April 6th, 2010: Merrick Thor”

  1. Heidi Says:

    And I love The Merrick just the way he is. You and Elora are wonderful people and your two girls are lucky to have you as parents.

  2. Quaintly Tuqiri Says:

    I agree Merrick, SL will never hold a candle to RL :)

  3. Terri Zhangsun Says:

    Love the picture! Thanks for sharing a part of your RL with us!

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