April 7th, 2010: Shamrawk Bailly

I joined SL on a hot September night in 2005. I had previously tried SL back in 2004 and grew tired of it after about an hour, because I didn’t know how to do anything to make myself look cute. This time around, I had some friends from another online game help me out. I was shown how to mod my shape, and given some L$ for a skin and some hair. I was a naïve 20-year-old girl stuck in a dead-end relationship with my high school sweetheart. But in SL, I didn’t have to be that girl, so I wasn’t. I truly used SL as a form of escape from my really boring, loveless real life. Here, I could be whoever I wanted and love whoever I wanted.

I learned a harsh life lesson in March of 2006 when my ex and I split and I had to  leave the solace of my SL behind shortly after the breakup (roughly 4 years ago today). I really feel that in the 2 years following, I grew as a person. I became more confident in the real world, and a lot of that was due to the fact that in SL I  felt beautiful, strong, smart, and funny.

I returned in May of 2008 to a completely different world. A lot of my friends were gone. I made new ones, and after a few months, it felt as though I never left.  I met the girl who was fated to be my all time best friend last August. I was singing karaoke at some dive place with a friend. There she was, Miss Sterling Jaxxon, sitting in a booth with her best guy friend. I can honestly say I have no idea what I said to her, or her to me that first night. But after a few weeks, we were as thick as thieves. She actually helped me write this last night! One lesson that I’ve learned while strapped into this crazy ride we call SL is: it isn’t about outer beauty, fame, or money. It’s about the friends who become more than just SL ones.


Shamrawk Bailly is 24 and lives in Arizona with her  grandparents and a dog named Roxxie. In real life she is a full time student and also works full time at a university. In Second Life she mostly hangs out with friends, but enjoys learning how to build and make poses.


3 Responses to “April 7th, 2010: Shamrawk Bailly”

  1. Sterling Jaxxon Says:

    I am so proud to call you friend and am soooo lucky that we met!!! You are truly a special girl and I heart you more than you will ever know!!! I will ALWAYS be here for you, wifey!! Love you mucho………Your friend, Sterling!!!! XOXOXOXOXO <333333333 Infinity :-)

  2. Shamrawk Bailly Says:

    <3 you SOOOOOOOOO much Wifey. I feel like the lucky one! :)

  3. Kianna Noel Says:

    Two of my favorite girls <3 Love you Shammy and so glad to have met you. YAY for you returning back to SL

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