April 11th, 2010: Rico Plisskin

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I remember a year and 11 days ago that my life changed for the better.  I was ill for 2 months and could barely get out of bed until I ran into the right doctor and found the right medicine for myself before almost losing my job after 9 years.

Every year I watch SL grow and change whether it was for the good or the bad and meeting new people who become such an inspiration and play a big role in my life.   I remember starting SL back in 2003 when there was only a few sims to go on and a very familiar sound you would hear are the wind chimes.  It is rare to come across these days but I am sure they are there and become quite nostalgic.

Today I realize how lucky I am and how blessed I have been with the friends around me and the support I get from RL and SL.  A lot of fun moments every day and night and just always something new to look forward to on the weekends and after work.  Half of the time I end up singing and playing guitar for a special group of friends I have been spending time with. The cool thing about them is that some of them are fantastic musicians themselves.  What were the odds of that?

In my 7 years of being on SL I finally decided for tomorrow to actually rent land for residential use on my own just so I could help support the sim owner but also to spend more time with the gang.  They are my neighbors and have become my best friends that I felt like I have been missing for the longest time.  They are truly some of the most talented and comical people I have met here and it is just a breath of fresh air to have them around.

It has become a long journey and I am curious where this long road will lead me to next.  All I can say is that it has been the greatest weekend in a long time and want to thank the Pemberley Gang for making it that way for me.


Rico Plisskin was born and raised in Peoria, IL area until his High School years as he moved to St. Louis, MO.  After school he became a candy chef for a small chocolate factory and spends a lot of his time writing and playing music with his guitars and singing as well as photography. He also is a designer in SL whom tends to procrastinate too much.


One Response to “April 11th, 2010: Rico Plisskin”

  1. Arcadia Nightfire Says:

    Very nice entry. And it’s always interesting to run into other people from St. Louis in Second Life. :)

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