April 13th, 2010: Brie Pinazzo

I came to Second Life™ in February 2008, my marriage in the real world failed and frankly, men and love were two things I was not thinking of. I had actually vowed to a friend that I would never date again, that I was through with men in general. My friend reminded me that love happens when you least expect it, that trying to hold it off is like stopping the sun from rising… it just happens, you cannot control it.

Like many people when they come to SL, I explored sexually oriented SIM’s. At Hard Alley’s School for Delinquent Girls, I met what would end up being my soul-mate, Walter Kovacs.  He helped me find a job, I did not understand why just knew he was someone I had to share my happiness with, somehow in our time as friends I fell in love.  And from what Walter has told me since it kind of happened the same way for him.

He asked me to marry him and I accepted with the promise we would meet before the wedding day. We met in Las Vegas, Memorial Weekend 2008. He brought his best friend and I brought mine. We had the greatest 4 days of our life and it was very painful to leave, it felt as though I had lost half of myself when we had to drive away.  Over the next few months Walter came for weekend visits, got to know my family and daughter. Though our visits were wonderful, the pain of parting was unbearable.

Parting became so increasingly hard that in August of 2008, I packed my daughter and my life and moved us to Arizona to be with him permanently. It is a decision that at first brought much skepticism but since I have not for one day regretted doing. In Walter I have found more than a lover, I have found my equal and best friend. My daughter has found a wonderful father, something she has never had in her 7 years on this planet. So yeah, my friend was right… love is unexpected. I only hope everyone in SL can be as lucky as we are.


Brie Pinazzo lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and daughter. In SL, she enjoys photography which can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/briepinazzo/.


2 Responses to “April 13th, 2010: Brie Pinazzo”

  1. Krissy Muggleston Says:

    I love happily-ever-afters…. Thanks for sharing! Your pics are wonderful.

  2. kissezandtrix Says:

    Great post! It made me smile!


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