April 14th, 2010: Dar Moleno

When God created me, I was 100% certain he’d left out my maternal instinct. He had graced me with a sense of style, confidence, drive, passion and even a mean cajun chicken pasta recipe, but I was totally and completely convinced that I didn’t have the natural nurturing attitude. I couldn’t be a Mom, I just couldn’t. No kid could ever change me, I thought to myself. Then I met Tommy.

I don’t know why my friend Daniels and I were looking at adoption agencies, but I will never forget walking in and seeing all the little people running around yet being drawn to a small boy with a striped shirt, jeans, blonde hair and blue eyes standing in the corner. We began to chat and the connection was instant.

At that point, Tommy told me. Tommy has what is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Due to emotional, physical, or sexual abuse he received at a young age, Tommy has developed multiple personalities within himself in order to cope with his abuse. If I were to adopt him, I’d have to be aware that he was a three-year old personality in a grown up body, and have to protect him from anything that could trigger his memory. And most importantly, I’d have to love him. He told me he would understand if I didn’t want him anymore. I knew I had a decision to make. I was confused, overwhelmed, apprehensive, hesitant : but I chose.

Second Life has changed me in so many ways. It’s like an escape from reality, a place I can go to always look pretty and be free. But ever since I made the decision to adopt Tommy, I have a new reason to sign in. I get the opportunity every day to watch this little person learn, play, and live. My Second Life now has more purpose than shopping or going to fashion shows or even posing for a camera. I know I have what it takes to be a Mom. I used to think appearance was everything, and now thanks to Tommy, I know it’s not. Life is about love, laughter, and plain old living.


Dar Moleno lives in the Eastern United States where she is currently a student/waitress. She spends most of her RL evenings balancing between homework, Second Life, and reality television shows such as Survivor and American Idol. In Second Life, Dar spends most of her time shopping, hanging out with friends, exploring beach sims and trying to keep up with Tommy.


One Response to “April 14th, 2010: Dar Moleno”

  1. Litzi Xue Says:

    Great post Dar. It amazes me how SL can add to our lives or change them in some way.

    Glad you and Tommy have each other :D

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