April 16th, 2010: Patty Cortes

Image by Flickr user Shaun Garrity, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 license

There is something special today. We are Friday, the day when I count hours to the week-end. Hours that separate me from seeing my boyfriend back at home. Hours of work too, as we put together a fashion show and sim opening in-world to occur this coming Sunday. Hours of fun too, as I am working on the layout of this month’s issue of GLANCE Magazine.  Sigh. There are just so many thoughts in my head.

As I look through the window and glance at Paris’ streets, I realize how far I am from my family and friends that I left in Bordeaux to come and live here, with my other half. I thrill again when I think of that precise day, two months ago, when I left them behind to land in this place. I remember how I was scared and excited at the same time.

Challenge is my favorite word in the world. Challenging situations push me forward and prevail me from looking at the past. I am someone who likes to constantly set up new goals in both lives and, ultimately, shoot for the moon. Today again, I will make my staff cringe as I will go over every single detail of the fashion show to make sure everything is perfect. I will stare at pages layout that I will find beautiful, during 10 minutes, as if it was art and not just text and photos combined in a weird way. And as usual, 5 minutes later, I will redo it all, and contemplate my work again, lost in my thoughts.

I will admit something here, right now. Being a perfectionist is annoying. It forces you to focus when you want to evade in thoughts and requires from you to always add an unnecessary workload, just so you have this special feeling of accomplishment… as if doing something once was never good enough.

In my headset, “London Rain”.  “So keep me”, she sings.  What keeps me in-world is the love of my work, of my friends, and paradoxically, the love of my boyfriend. He supports me in everything I do, especially in this persistent reality. So here we are… back to my favorite subject. Smile.


Patty Cortes rezzed in SL in February 2007 and runs a fashion public relations agency, GLANCE International Agency since 2008. One of its core department is the magazine “GLANCE”, that she oversees as an editor-in-chief and produces as layout designer. They have been recently added to the SL Solution Provider Program. In real life, she is a freelance journalist and dreams of setting up her very own fashion magazine. Even just two pages, even just the cover. She wants to share her vision of fashion with the entire world. She wants to learn from, and be inspired by people surrounding her.


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