April 18th, 2010: Kat Alderson

This morning, like every morning, I talked with my best friend in the world – Mike.

We met ten years ago. That very first conversation felt like coming home. We have shared everything since in first life, and now in Second Life.

We’ve everything in common which two adults from diametrically opposed upbringings can share. Our political and social views, religious takes, and interests. Our careers have grown to compliment each others.

We’re both project people. We’ve explored many things, from podcasting to Second Life. Sometimes we work together, and sometimes independently, but always linearly.

We change together, we grow together.

This afternoon, I talked with my best friend from childhood – Chuck. It’s been almost 25 years. He’ll be 40 in four days – April 22nd. I’ll be 40 in July.

Chuck and I were very different. He with his doting family, scores of friends, and bright future. Me with my abusive parents, lonely lunch hours, and uncertain future. We’d meet after school, compare our days, scoot off to skate practice, followed by work at the roller rink.

Everything changed when I was fifteen. I graduated high school and promptly left home. I ran as far as I could, without a look back. The only thing I missed was Chuck. My friend.

Chuck and I had lunch. I talked about my children, work, hobbies – my new life and my Second Life.

He said I’ve changed. I have.

Chuck hasn’t changed at all. Save for some gray hair. He lives in the same town, the same house, and works at the same place. He gets together once a week with whom he used to eat lunch. He listens to the same music, rereads the same books, watches the same movies, has the same views.

I cried a little. In many ways, it was like watching a rerun of an old television show in grainy black and white. Nostalgic. Surreal. I have more in common with my friends in Second Life.

Chuck, leaving Chuck behind, was my only regret of the past 25 years. Today, I learned I did the right thing. For me. For Chuck. He’s happy. And so am I.

Good-bye, old friend.


Kat Alderson is the owner and designer at Cad & Tart™ and Clutter™. With Noble Charron, she owns Wind River Territory – a sim for writers, podcasters, artists, and new Second Life entrepreneurs. She’s a proud member of the Artist’s Voice group, and the RFL Captain for Team Independence. You can find more about Kat’s Second Life at http://katalderson.com .
In first life, Kat is a motivational speaker, author, consultant, and a single mother of five adopted children, six dogs and five cats. She lives in New Jersey, and spends part of the year in Wyoming.


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