April 19th, 2010: Lucius Obviate

It’s April 18th and as I sit here writing this, my family and I are finishing up repairs on the house we are selling and looking forward to moving into one we newly purchased. Sounds like the American Dream, doesn’t it? There’s a catch to all the bliss though. My family is a polyamorous family consisting of two men, one woman and one child. Most people think of me as the ever-present, constantly helpful roommate that will move out when he finishes college in two years. Boy, won’t they be surprised.

At the risk of sounding like a cliché, I owe it all to Second Life. SL is where I met my partner and future wife. I met her at the tail end of a bad relationship that came after a bad marriage and I was ready to swear off relationships at all. She had to go and change my entire view on the possibility of stability and happiness in a relationship and give me words for things I had envisioned for my ideal family.

Because of Second Life I met the woman who would push me into higher education, help me get treatment for an anxiety disorder, fight the military into giving me the benefits I was owed and helped me find the courage to turn my life around in a positive direction. This all would have never happened if a friend had not shown me SL.

I’m sitting down waiting for the glue to dry that I used to place the wall basing in the bathroom so I can clean it up. We have two people interested in buying our house that want to look this week and we almost have all the minor repairs. As if the work would end then I have to log into SL and get back to scripting my new product line.

It’s been almost a year since I scripted much of anything to sell and it’s like riding a bike. I fell right back into it with an efficiency that surprised me. Piece by piece my first creation in such a long time fell together like I had never stopped.

I smiled.

„We are all mad here.“


Lucius Obviate is currently a student at KSU studying Visual Communication Design. He lives in a polyamorous family which consists of his SL partner and one other individual. In SL he is the owner of the newly founded Sigil Foundry which produces high quality scripted weapons and was the proprietor of a very successful line of weapons previous to that with a branch that created a very popular scripted collar.


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