April 20th, 2010: Rob1977 Moonites

I got up this morning at about 10am and started work on a magazine layout for my design class. I’m coming to the end of my second semester now, more than half way through an MSc in Applied Digital Media that I’m taking part-time. I hear they’ve extended the flight ban… cause of the volcano in Iceland. Last night, Irish news said that it would probably be lifted by 5pm today, but now it’s rolling on into the weekend. It’s amazing how with all our advances in civilisation, we’re still no match for mother nature.

I’m originally an Audio Engineer, but since the advertising industry slowed down here about a year ago, work has been pretty quiet. Lexie, my wife, has been studying for a MFA  and she really inspired me to go back to school. That, coupled with starting to create content in SL led me to choose a program that included Graphic Design, Animation and 3D Modeling.

Before I found SL I was always a pretty techie kinda guy and had never really had the aptitude to create anything. At this point, coming up to my second rez day, I’ve tried my hand in most areas of content creation, some with more success than others. This has translated back into RL, working more and more on freelance web design projects and less as an engineer.

I’m about to head out with my kids for something to eat before I settle back in to my chair for another evening in Photoshop. Standing on my build platform, finishing up a build before I go, I wonder what I’d be doing now, without Second Life, but thanks to it I have made some amazing friends, fallen pretty madly in love and explored an avenue of creativity that I never knew I had in me. It’s helping me to further my education and weather a recession by translating what I’ve learned in world, back into the real world.


Rob1977 Moonites is a clothing designer for *FIR* and builder and co-owner of Siren Productions in Second Life  from Dublin, Ireland.


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