April 21st, 2010: Krissy Muggleston

This is an average Wednesday evening in my home. I look up from my laptop, where my Krissy-self is positioned on a pose stand.

“Jason was good at sports, wasn’t he…”

I’m no longer surprised when my oldest daughter asks me a question like this. Years ago, shortly after my first husband died, I had a conversation with a psychic. Weird, I know – I didn’t seek her out. But here’s the thing: She was the real deal. Here is one of several foretelling things that she said:  “Your late husband will always be with you. There will be a part of him in your first-born. You will see this as she grows, this piece of him will manifest itself in her. Look for it.”

When she began to use her left hand, I knew this had to be it. Her left-handedness is my piece of him, right?  Not quite.  It’s so much more than that. My first-born has wanted to know my late husband personally since she was old enough to comprehend his life. She has asked 100’s of questions about him from ‘How did he die?’ to ‘How did you meet him?’. She has asked some really thoughtful questions too. ‘How did he get Leukemia?’, ‘How did you know about it?’. And she’s also asked some profound ones:  ‘Is he kind of like my step-dad?’. She was trying so hard, in her seven-year old way, to figure out her relationship to this man who died three years before she was born.

At 38, I’m a married mom of three, and it’s a nice place to be. We’ve a comfy routine in our house and most evenings like this end with Hubby watching his ESPN and me logging into Second Life. It’s my outlet where I can chill out and be my introverted self with no expectations. Hubby has no desire to spend hours in a virtual world, and I hate sports. Yet we can still unwind each evening sitting side by side. So on this night, as I sort inventory from my pose stand, I answer her question.

“Yes he sure was…”


Krissy Muggleston stole her middle daughter’s name when she created her Second Life account, because she didn’t think her own name sounded very avatar-ish. She’s an occasional blogger and shopaholic with a fun job serving customers at The Loft. In RL she lives on seven wooded acres in the Midwest. She works in IT at a global company, coordinating and analyzing stuff.


8 Responses to “April 21st, 2010: Krissy Muggleston”

  1. Carrie Lexington Says:

    beautiful post Krissy. thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Krissy Muggleston Says:

    Aww, thanks Carrie! <3

  3. chestnut Says:


  4. kissezandtrix Says:

    Touching post! <3

  5. Krissy Muggleston Says:

    Thank you! Hugs!

  6. The Loft Says:

    Krissy this was beautiful!

  7. Krissy Muggleston Says:

    Thanks Col!

  8. Lizzie Lexington Says:

    Wow what a moving post. Loved it!

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