April 23rd, 2010: Marni Grut

Today, my last wisdom tooth came through. Mundane, I know, but it made me realize something. I’m about to be faced with the terrible event of having to be a grown up.  And not in the mature way, let’s face it we’re all children still, we’re all susceptible to shiny things, and we all crave flying sauces once in a while. No, I mean just knowing what I want in life, who I want to be and were I want to end up.

I graduate in a year’s time knowing full well I have no interest in working in fashion in RL. Considering I’m a womenswear design student, that doesn’t sit too well. I also came to the realisation, which the feminist inside of me is shrieking against that maybe I’m open to the idea of something conventional from life. 2.4 kids, who’d have known, ill be a step ford wife in no time.

Cynicism aside there are a few things I want to do with my life, for a while now. I’ve been scribbling down made paragraphs that are a rather badly spelt novel. While hardly Shakespeare I would like to explore what I could do with my personal take on English and its odd, odd sentences.

I guess all I can hope for really is to be happy. In 10 years time I want to be as gleeful and carefree as I can. I guess what this boring even has really made me realise, is that I can do anything I want. When I was 9 I wanted to be the first woman on mars. Maybe I still will, oh, and I’ll send you a post card.


Marni Grut is a 21 year old from London; she enjoys giant mugs of tea, hats and everything a bit British. In SL she worked for LeLutka and is currently re-launching Royal Blue. You might see her one day because she plans on moving to the US. But she is currently studying Fashion in London like a cool kid and spending far too much in Topshop.  Oh, and she has a tiny cat on her lap who’s demanding a mention too. Say hi, Collin.


2 Responses to “April 23rd, 2010: Marni Grut”

  1. callie cline Says:

    i’ve always thought you were such a creative and sweet person. im so excited to hear more about you. growing up is not so bad, at my age im still trying :)

    send me a postcard from mars please!! i’ll be on saturn dancing on the rings! :)

  2. Valena Glushenko Says:

    I LOVE YOU MARNI GRUT (better to comment late rather than never? oopsies) <333333

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