April 25th, 2010: Eleanor Anderton

After an evening of thunderstorms, I was looking forward to a quiet lazy Sunday.  Work a bit on my wiki and blogs for RL work and make time to work on a build in Winterfell Harbor.  My days in real life are spent working as a school librarian.  Even in Second Life, I volunteer as a librarian with the Caledon library system (thanks to JJ Drinkwater who recruited me in my first months in world).  I came to Second Life for professional reasons.  I had heard about SL in school library journal articles and thought it sounded like fun.  I mean I had gamed a little in my day.  Just ignore the fact that I have an arcade Mario Brothers’ game in my basement.

After much personal debate, I started looking for a full sim to purchase today.  Instead of having a quiet & lazy Sunday afternoon, I have been checking around and talking with friends inworld.  Looks like I now have a plan which I hope works out in the next few days.  I’m packing up prims even as I finish up this entry.

Yes, a place to call my own home which is a bit unusual for a real educator in Second Life.  Most teacher types drop in for workshops and pop right out.  I dearly want to offer makeovers to some of them! Going on my third year of SL, I have dear friends here who I am as close to as any friend in real life – people I would have never met except for this world known as Second Life.  Where does my journey take me from here? My lives are intersecting since recently I have given a professional workshop on personal learning networks which introduced Eleanor Anderton to the world.  Eleanor is becoming a real part of myself in ways I never envisioned.


Eleanor Anderton works as a high school librarian in the metro St. Louis, Missouri area where she attempts to bring her “kids” into the 21st century.  In Second Life, she is a Caledon Oxbridge professor, Caledon librarian collector of steampunk genre and historical cookbooks, and volunteers with ISTE and AASL.  Otherwise, she is shopping and sometimes updates her blog.


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