April 26th, 2010: Stacie Pryor

Happiness Is...

It is Monday again and the start of a new week for me at a job that is less than fulfilling.  Actually, today isn’t so bad.  A steady dose of music and patience gets me through the day.  But, as usual, the best part is going home.

I take the five-minute commute home and am greeted by an abundance of love from my two dogs.  I see my two cats peeking around the corner, happy to see me come home, waiting for the momentary chaos to subside before approaching for cuddles.  I press the flashing button on the answering machine and listen to my messages as I get started on dinner.  “No, Mom… I still don’t know what I want for my birthday.”  /me sighs

After dinner I return some calls, do some chores, take the dogs for a walk in the gorgeous spring weather, and return home to rest on the couch, surrounded by two tired dogs.  I open my MacBook and search for that familiar icon that serves as my gateway into a world that is anything but mundane.  I check my contacts for a few key names and smile.  I don’t IM them for fear of being bothersome.  But it’s nice to know they are there.  I’ll hear from a few of them tonight, and that will make everything worth it.

Sometimes I contemplate my existence in this virtual world.  When I joined over two years ago, I never could have imagined I would still be here.  I initially used SL as my escape from the harsh reality of an abusive relationship that was slowly killing me.  It’s enlightening to recall those early days and see how SL helped me reclaim myself, recognize my own worth, and take important steps toward self-acceptance.

The relationships I have formed have been exceptionally rewarding, and I am eternally grateful to my friends for forcing me out of my shell and helping me break free from life as an emotional zombie.  I am finally okay and able to recapture myself in my music and art.  Everything is really good, and I am happy to realize that being me really isn’t so bad.


Stacie Pryor is an SL fashion blogger for [sheek] and a blogger and writer for Second Style Magazine.  She lives in the loveliest village on the plains in Alabama, USA, works in the legal profession, occasionally indulges herself with retail therapy and yummy Mexican food, and surrounds herself with lots of laughter.  She hums and sings incessantly and most enjoys listening to music, reading, painting, and playing the piano.


7 Responses to “April 26th, 2010: Stacie Pryor”

  1. kesseret Says:

    Beautiful! Many of us are blessed you are our friend! My favorite time with you was when we were taking the Wizard of Oz picture. You are a perfect Dorothy.

  2. Veronica Kanya Says:

    wonderfully brilliant words <3

  3. Sophia Harlow Says:

    I simply love you. You are such a wonderful and strong woman….and I am so thrilled to be your friend. You are full of nothing but good stuffs… <3

  4. Anyalia Pearl Says:

    Wonderfully crafted and very pleasant to read. I can related to so much of this and I think your ability to express yourself, your thoughts, and your opinions, in the way that you do, is awesome. :D

  5. Baron H. Says:

    It is wonderful that you have a place to which you can escape! Though I’m not one of those with whom you spend time in SL, it always gives me a smile to see you on my Friends’ List in-world, even if I rarely click and say hello :)

  6. Bella Baroque Says:

    Stacie, you are wonderful. This was such an endearing piece and nice to get a glimpse into your world. Or worlds I should say. I wouldn’t have found this website if I didn’t see your plurk today, and now I’m addicted! What a fantastic project :).

  7. November 1st, 2010: Stacie Pryor – Cont’d « Two Three Six Five Says:

    […] Stacie’s previous post was on April 26th, 2010. […]

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