April 30th, 2010: Jemima Clowes

Today started off as any other weekday for me. Get up, feed the kids, make coffee, wake my other half up, log into SL to check messages. It’s pretty much the same everyday. I’m a stay at home mama, and I love every trying minute of it.

I made my first SL account in 2006 after watching C.S.I New York. I rezzed inworld and logged out 2 minutes later because i was frustrated and had no idea what to do. Today I log in as Jemima or Jemmie to most of my friends, check my offlines, check the sim for extra prims and then just sit and stare at the computer deciding if I really even want to be inworld today. I don’t, I log off.

See with that first avatar of mine I got into some deep drama. I used to go to clubs everyday, shop hang out with people. With Jemmie like today I  build a lot, stay at UnWaNtEd, and only talk to a few people. I spend a lot of time with heartless my partner who keeps my head on my shoulders for the most part.It is very hard for me to trust people. I created that situation myself. I deal with it my own way. The friends I have in SL now are ones I consider RL friends. Who I hold close to my heart. Who I worry about if they are not online for days at a time. SL has changed me  to realize what is important in my life. It has made me be able to stand up for myself. It has brought me many treasured friendships.

I log back in one more time to another offline. In the background I have my youngest who has mild autism saying “outside now?” in his own little language. I quickly reply to the message.It was about a silly freebie I put out last night. I click the X and the four of us head outside to sidewalk chalk and ride bikes.


Jemima Clowes or Jemmie to her close friends, lives in Eastern Ontario with her 3 kids and other half. She is a full-time stay at home mama currently looking for a real life job. She can usually be found inworld on a platform high in the sky building something silly, or chatting with friends in IM’s. Jemima owns the UnWaNtEd sim  with her partner and the store TUFT.


One Response to “April 30th, 2010: Jemima Clowes”

  1. Horrid Twine Says:


    You are an incredibly special and lovely person with an equally kind heart. Those of us who do know you are lucky to have you as part of our circles. I am so glad that SL has only helped to show you the most important parts of your life.

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