May 1st, 2010: Callie Cline

I laughed, cried, worked, rested, and danced. What a day.

Rising earlier than usual to meet yesterday’s deadline,  I
walked into my studio to see a beam of light shining on my desk. First time that’s ever happened.
Interesting. Sitting and looking into that light, the kind where you can see
dust in the air, I did what I had not done years. I blew into the “dust” to see it move.
I thought about how much there is around me all the time that I don’t see,
yet how often I think that what I see is “all” there is. I reflected on that as I kept “blowing”.

A little bird flew to my window. I imagined he had gotten his “worm”
and that he was saying hello, beckoning me to remember the old saying…
He departed after a quick “hi” flying through my Chinese Magnolia
tree… “ah a bird’s life”.

Time to work. Gathered up all the pieces for the
new ICON magazine I have the honor of being on the cover for May.
I thought of my “bright idea” to have it be a “2 cover issue”. There
was NO way I could decide on ONE look for a cover. I also reflected
on how I often make more work for myself when I have “ideas”
and wondered why I don’t think ahead to all the work the realization
of those ideas will be.

The intensity of the past 2 weeks peaked. A break down of tears.
But then, I felt a happy release and was glad I care enough to do my most excellent
work even when it’s hard. Not perfection. Nothing is perfect. But for me
excellence is doing all I can with my resources to make things
the best “I” can make them.

Thankfully the person I was working with felt the same way. I guess
at times when I take on a project I forget there’s no magic button
that’s gonna make it happen. During the project I wish there was,
and after, if a bit of magic happened, I smile and wonder how it all came to be
and where I was when it was happening.

That was today.


Callie Cline is an “ordinary girl in an extraordinary world” in both lives. In SL she designs, models, consults, dreams, creates, and tries to make her existence something meaningful. She loves all kinds of creative expression in both lives. In RL she is a songwriter, music producer, director, writer, and has made her living in the arts and entertainment field since her late teens. She joined SL as a hobby, thought it was incredibly boring, then met some wonderful people who encouraged her to try to create.  She’s glad she stayed. – main store in caLLiefornia. She lives in Southern California and hopes to have a house on the sea in Ireland one day. (well really houses on the sea all over the world)


10 Responses to “May 1st, 2010: Callie Cline”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Very inspirational Callie. :) It made me smile. Thank you.

  2. Gabby Panacek Says:

    What a lovely post, Callie. Thank you for sharing. ily <3

  3. SC Tracy Says:

    It’s me, SC Tracy the person Callie was working with. ;-) I do feel the same way. We laughed we cried, we mostly laughed and worked our butts off. What a ride. It was great.

  4. Harper Beresford Says:

    This is very revelatory about Callie’s creative expanse and energy. She really does always set her goals higher than most and works darn hard to reach them.

  5. Azzie Says:

    Nice job, Cal – Keep smiling! hugz

  6. Patty Cortes Says:

    Amazing post Callie! Congrats for your magazine cover, this is well deserved <3

  7. Lucas Gerard Says:

    Very cool post Callie. I’ve known you forever now, but it’s nice to see your thought process in your own words. (for lack of a better way to say that?) Sometimes it seems that you’re this bundle of energy 24/7, it’s good to see a little of the rest of CC in print. Cant wait for May’s ICON either.

  8. Emerald Wynn Says:

    When I was a noob, I knew about Callie and how she was kind of this bridge between Second Life and real life — that she had crossed those boundaries and joined these worlds. I was (and remain) in awe of her talents and vivacious personality.

    So, back when I was a bumbling noob, I went to Calliefornia and Callie was there. She was so friendly and talked to me for a while and I was blown away by the fact that this totally famous SL personality was talking to me, a nobody. It meant a lot to me then, and it speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.

    I’m so happy to see that as a creator, she is evolving and growing. She is just as fab today as she was in early 2008.

    Thanks for letting us into your world here, Callie. Lovely to read!

  9. calliecline Says:

    aww thanks for all the nice comments :)

    emerald i think i was the most fab in 2005 when i joined hahaha that newbie skin was the BOMB and my bling tiara ;)

  10. Bianca Darling Says:

    And THIS is why she is my SL daughter and 1stL Best friend ;o)

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