May 3rd, 2010: Ashe Anthony

Image by Flickr user zian zihan, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial No Derivative Works 2.5 Malaysia license.

Since I volunteered to take part in this project, I have been struggling on what to write about.

When I first rezzed into Second Life in March 2008, I couldn’t see much because my graphics card wasn’t good enough. I didn’t think I was going to come back to SL again until a friend offered to help me out in October of that same year, and I was able to update my graphics card. To make a long story short, I only used SL when my friends were around for a couple of months.

At some point, all of my friends stopped using SL. So I started to feel very alone. This feeling of loneliness continued for months. Me being the shy and socially anxious girl that I am, I haven’t made any friends in the meanwhile. I thought that I was destined to be alone for the rest of my SL life, which I didn’t want because all of my real life friends live far away from me. I didn’t want to have to be alone in both lives.

Sometime after that, I read an SL secret about a shy girl wanting to make friends. The comments for that SL secret kept suggesting that this shy girl join Plurk so I did that. Within a few weeks, I was addicted. Since I have made friends on Plurk, I have found a new place to live in, have gotten to know these friends better, and even more, I was able to open myself up to them without any judgment like there is RL. That feeling of loneliness I had for months on end? Gone. Thank you my friends, for being a friend to me.


Ashe Anthony is a student in RL, who resides in the boring state of Maryland. In SL, she doesn’t do anything cool but blog on The Freebie Telegraph and on her own blog, Everyday Ash.


9 Responses to “May 3rd, 2010: Ashe Anthony”

  1. silver milneaux Says:

    hugs ashe :) <3333

  2. Nika Dreamscape Says:

    Yay! I can’t say enough good things about plurk, and I’m really glad you found your way to that community. :)

  3. jemmieangel Says:

    Awesome post Ashe =]

  4. Camryn Fouroux Says:

    Yay for plurk. And MD isn’t *that* boring! Lol. And sure you do cool things! Like inventory parties!! :-D Great post!

  5. Lizzie Lexington Says:

    This was so sweet. You’re a gem Ashe!

  6. Ashe Anthony Says:

    Aw thank you everyone for your sweet comments^^

  7. Luciana Toshi Says:

    Oh You were so sweet and sincere. <3

  8. Bella Baroque Says:

    Aw, yay plurk buddy! <3

  9. Just another blogger, but why? | Everyday Ash Says:

    […] also in RL of course, so making friends isn’t easy for me. I kind of wrote about this on my 2365 post last month. It gives me common ground with others, and a topic to talk about. In fact, most of my […]

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