May 4th, 2010: Phemie Alcott

It was May 4th 1998 at a great club in my city that I had my final show with my band of four years. We had been through a lot together. We had travelled all over the place and even New York City to play for some record labels that were showing some interest. At the height of our career, I quit. I’ve asked myself so many times why I did it. I had some good reasons and some really lame ones. The good ones were that particular people had too much control, I was sick of the vanity and stupid stereotypes that I felt I had to fit into in order to be considered cool, the late hours on the road and being in dirty smoky clubs was getting to me.  The bad reasons were that I didn’t feel cool enough or hot enough and always felt that I didn’t deserve or had what it took to be a legit front woman in a band.  I felt that what I was doing was a lark and that I needed to get serious about a job and earn some good money and settle down.  So, I did what I thought was right.

I quit the band.

Right after I quit I was given a Martin DM acoustic matte finish guitar as a gift. It was gorgeous. What did I do? I Shoved it under my bed for 7 years. As it collected dust so did my soul.  I disappeared. I shrank from what I was.  I’m sure people wondered what the heck happened to me. I got a cubicle job.  Finally after about 7 years of disappearing, I wandered into Second Life.  Curious and fascinated by the whole thing I met some musicians who helped me get started.  I had found a place that was a perfect beginning to my rebirth.  Playing again in SL has helped me finally realize what I need to do.  I played an open mic in RL. It felt damn good to be playing live again in my city.  Second Life, you are the feather duster to my soul.


Phemie Alcott is from Pennsylvania and works in an office by day. She loves her yellow lab and her beagle who regularly sing backup for her during her shows by incessantly barking at squirrels and neighbors and what have you. She has two degrees in social work and music education and works in neither of those fields. Go figure. Phemie plans to keep writing music and is planning on releasing an internet album with Didier Soyuz who she’s been writing songs with.


4 Responses to “May 4th, 2010: Phemie Alcott”

  1. Emerald Wynn Says:


    Loved this post. So glad you got your groove back.

  2. Rosie Shark Says:

    Aww Phemie <3 Great Post! and yay for finding your soul all clean and shiny again! ILY

  3. Hallie Galli Says:

    <3 u Phemie :)

  4. Bella Baroque Says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing your story. Music is what brought me to SL too, though with two kids under 3, I haven’t found a way to put anything together. I have so many friends and acquaintances that are friends with you and I love your music. You might just inspire this girl to dig back into my vocal roots, and make time. I know exactly what you mean by saying you shrank into yourself for years. I have a BA in Vocal Performance, years in an opera company and so many musical theatre memories it makes me cry to think about not ever making new ones. Okay, enough rambling about my sob story, point is… this got me thinking. So thank you :)

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