May 5th, 2010: Viticus Goff

Whenever I come across a new resident of SL I always give them my standard hello… Welcome to Second Life, it’s a strange and wonderful place…

Today is just like any other day.. Get up, check my email, check out all the new funny things on the cheezburger network, and log into SL to check messages and whatever else may be waiting for me. Second Life for me is more than a game.. it’s a way to get out and have fun. Yes it’s avatars and pixels, but for some folks it’s a large part of their life. I first started playing Second Life waaaaay back in beta in order to be with my then soon to be wife, we lived a few hundred miles away from each other, so SL was what we used be together. Eventually I moved in, we stopped playing, we had real life, no need for a second one.

A few years ago I got hurt at work, so leaving the house and doing even the simplest things are hard and at times painful. So we turned back to Second Life.. I can log in and be myself.. whether that be furry, human, man or woman.. doesn’t matter. In the end it’s all me on the other side of this screen. There are bonds you form with people in this virtual world you might never get a chance to in real life, people from all over the world, all walks of life. Some people think that because they are pixels that gives them the ability to treat others badly… ‘who cares, it’s not real’ But it is real to many of us that in real life can’t live.

Second Life is a strange and wonderful place… you can find love, you can be crushed (both emotionally and by giant prim fruit if that’s what you’re in to), you can live out your wildest dreams… The friendships and loves you find in Second Life are just as real and as sacred as real life, for some people even more so… It’s such an extraordinary world… the only limits you have are you. My life is definitely richer thanks to Second Life.


Viticus Goff and wife Alurya are bloggers in Second Life for furries, Cover My Furry Butt!, an occasional DJ, and almost always some form of furry (once in a blue moon you’ll see a human av, but it is rare so take pictures while you can). In SL Viticus enjoys live music, dancing, shopping, and exploring all the great things people in Second Life have created.
In real life Vit plays a lot of Xbox 360 when not logged into SL, pwning noobs is Vit’s favorite pastime next to playing with the families real life LoL Cats! Vit is also a graphic designer, photographer, a sugar addict, and was voted the cool parent by Vit’s Son. Viticus and Alurya live in Massachusetts with their son and three spiffy cats.


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