May 6th, 2010: Shane Kirshner

I hate politics. When I signed up to do this, I didn’t know that by signing up for my mother’s birthday in order to actually remember it, it would also be on the polling day of the first general election in 5 years. My mother is a staunch socialist, and I’ve been brought up intensely liberal, and because of the majority of my generation and the lack of awareness we had growing up – be it because of a  lax government, or pure apathy – didn’t really give a damn, at first.

The first election I voted in was in May, 2005. I was 19 years old, and I was disenchanted by it. I spouted off cliché things such as, “what difference will my one vote make?” and “it’s pointless voting anywhere but the two main parties.” I regret it now, though both still cross my mind, and the latter had me as one of The Undecided for the last month. I’ve sat through numerous electorial debates, the first ever televised in my country,  and have failed to be pulled in any single direction aside from anti-Conservative.

Polls opened at 9am today, and even on waking, I didn’t know who I’d go for. Would it be Labour? Would it be Lib Dems? The older I get, the more importance I find in politics; politicians make a career out of lying and fighting for power, but the basics lie in the core of democracy: everyone should have a say. I don’t feel fulfilled. Not watching the Tories creep up on Labour on a website I should close down to ease my already busy mind, and really, all I’d like to do is fly to the Bermuda Triangle and find a commune with Jim Morrison and his weird naked Indian friend.

When I grow up, I want to be like the wind. Everywhere at once, and free. The only problem being, I also hate a majority of birds. And I may or may not, too, be a liar.


Shane Kirshner resides in the UK. A lost soul, she plans on over-taking the universe with her own line of interpretive dance DVDs and whining about love and loss as though they’re all she lives for – which is true. With her springer spaniel Louis by her side, she plays guitar and sings like That One Busker, You Know The One, and is lead singer of the SL band Dead Heathers.


One Response to “May 6th, 2010: Shane Kirshner”

  1. thebunnygirl Says:

    I’m proud of you Shane. Great entry… and you were worried. =)

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