May 9th, 2010: Lolita Oleander

I was so sweetly woken up this morning by my two loves of my life, my two-year old little girl who spread little kisses on my face and my five-year old boy who was asking me for cereal.  What a wonderful way to be woken up on Mother’s Day right?  *Giggle* The first person I thought of as I climbed out of bed was my mother.  Today is a day for families.  All my mother has asked for today is to be surrounded by the family.  Of course we will be showering her with flowers and other goodies but we know all she really wants is family time.

I saw her smile as we all joined her at church this morning.  We all laughed and ate good as we took her to breakfast.  Now the rest of the day is going to be filled with BBQ in the back yard and the ultimate family Wii games.  I’m also pretty sure she’ll talk us all into playing some sort of board or card game.

As I looked at my family at breakfast I saw my grandmother and mother celebrating yet another Mother’s Day. However, I was drawn to my sister in-law who was holding in her arms her two month old son.  She was enjoying her first Mother’s day and I could see in her eyes that she was truly happy. We all toasted our orange juice, milk and coffee to her first Mother’s Day.

It turns out that my Mother’s Day gift to my mom is actually the one I wanted for myself and have received in return.  To spend time with family and to see her smile has made my heart soar.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Lolita Oleander is just a senorita exploring Second Life® having a great time.  She also has a blog called ¿Qué Pasó? which she enjoys playing with.  She is a guilty work Plurker and loves keeping in touch with her SL/WoW friends.  Is an explorer at heart and a people person.  In RL she lives in sunny Arizona.  She is a proud mother of two children.  She works for the government by day and enjoys her evenings playing WoW and SL with family and friends.


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