May 11th, 2010: Carthalis Rossini

The alarm woke up me this morning at six thirty.

While central government discusses and ponders the hung parliament equation it is business as normal at work. I always like to come into the office an hour before it opens. The peace and quiet allows me some time to catch up on any outstanding work and it’s just nice to enjoy that quiet time without the phones ringing.

Flicking through my diary I notice have some home visits I’ve booked in for the afternoon and check that I have all the correct details for the people I’m seeing. I think about this piece briefly and wonder how I’ll write it.

Lunch time comes and goes and I leave the office. The traffic crawls along the roads. I see some blossom trees through the car window in full bloom and watch as their pink petals fall to the floor and start thinking about a
possible photo idea for Second Life and think of a similar blossom tree I have in my inventory.

Back at the office and my phone is blinking with some messages waiting for me. Some emails in my inbox. My mind wonders and I think about my university exam on Thursday. My final year at Salford University; for three years I’ve been studying housing law and practice and it seems surreal somehow that in two weeks it will all be over and I’ll be graduating in June. It’s hard to believe that three years ago I was only thinking May 2010 seemed like such a long way off, and now it’s here I just can’t quite believe it. I leave the office just after five walking home in the warm sunshine. My partner is sat watching the BBC news and it looks like Labour is on its way out as reporter’s talk of a Liberal Democrats-Conservative coalition. I’m already thinking about what policies there going to be bringing in and with all the talk of huge cuts in public spending, I wonder how this will all affect my job.


Carthalis Rossini is a 35-year old male living in England with his partner. In the real world he works for local government as a housing advice officer. In Second Life he lives in the cyberpunk city of Insilico. From here he writes his fashion blog ‘Fade to Grey’ following male fashion in Second Life and recently started writing for Uncover Magazine. With a number of projects on the go including the next edition of Uncover of Magazine and the Art Street Fair he still has time to explore the grid and loves exploring new and amazing places.


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