May 12th, 2010: Phoenix Chapman

Every morning I wake up wondering if this will be the day that my life changes, if this will be the day that I remember later as being the beginning of the climb back to myself.  Today I woke in a good mood, full of possibility and hope.  Today, I look at the sun shining and smile, because today will be the day I take back my life.

Depression is one of those things that can’t be fully understood until it’s experienced.  It changes your life, and your personality feels like it’s no longer yours.  I’ve struggled with this disease since I was fifteen years old and if I was honest with myself to the depths of my soul, I feel I will struggle with it for the rest of my life.

But, just for today, I have hope.


Phoenix Chapman has worked in the automotive profession for most of her adult life, with occasional stints in other areas for relief. She lives with her two mischievous cats, Onyx & Luna, and dreams of living in Ireland some day.  In Second Life, she’s most proud of conceiving, organizing & running the Shoe Fair, now heading into its third straight year, and has blogged fashion for nearly the entire time she’s been active in SL, now on


5 Responses to “May 12th, 2010: Phoenix Chapman”

  1. Gabby Panacek Says:

    You are a beautiful soul, Phoe. May you always know hope. <3

  2. Phoenix Chapman Says:

    Thanks Gabby, that means a lot <3

  3. Bella Baroque Says:

    This was very brave of you to write Phoe, and is proof of the strength you have inside you, even if you don’t feel it. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope someday the sun sticks around. :)

  4. kesseret Says:

    You gave me hope today!!! Thank you. I struggle as well with depression. This is a beautiful post.

  5. August 8th, 2010: Phoenix Chapman – Cont’d « Two Three Six Five Says:

    […] Phoenix’s previous post was on May 12th, 2010. […]

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