May 13th, 2010: Nexeus Fatale

Six years. It’s really, five years, 9 months, a couple of days and many hours, and I’ve still managed my Second Life schedule. I picked up a new late night event on Sunday, I had an event on Wednesday, there’s tonight’s event, and a blog post. Don’t forget the new website design, two new projects, and the rest of my chaos. Work hasn’t lightened recently, and in under two hours I need to submit a 365 word essay about my connection between SL and RL. I’m struggling with it.

Gabby told me to say something about her. I love Gabby. She’s one of my many rocks in my Second Life. Codie as well, although she thinks I’m a socialist dawg who likes to spank her. Hey, I claimed Mt. Assmore! One of my wifey’s came back from a virtual hiatus and I’ve missed her dearly. I love all my wifey’s! Don’t assume you know what I mean, you’re going to guess wrong. Then there are long time friends who I’ve known dearly. We used to IM and chat about relationships all day long, her life has become plenty exciting. Lets not forget my entourage, who are kinda like “wifey lite” or “wifey’s 1.0”. I’m sure I’m missing a few people, but these are those who I’ve interacted with in a meaningful way within the last 24 hours. They are also a part of the reasons I remain and invest so much time with the virtual world.

I love my listeners, all of them dearly, but I wouldn’t have them if I wasn’t able to do what I do best. DJ. I became a real life DJ because of Second Life, because I’ve done a weekly show, played songs and practiced mixing in a virtual environment for many years. That’s only the tip of the iceberg that is who I am. The friends, conversations and things done within Second Life don’t just tie me to the virtual world, but tie my life, my heart, and emotions.

I struggle with encapsulating that thought within 365 words. This is word three-hundred and fifty-two.


Nexeus Fatale discovered Second Life in 2004, and soon after becoming a resident began to perform various events throughout the virtual world. He often works on projects based on Second Life, and in the past has been an organizer for the Second Life Community Convention, helped organize mixed-reality events and consulted as a virtual world expert. Nexeus Fatale has been featured in “The Entreprenuer’s Guide to Second Life”, Time Out New York, and Second Skin. Nexeus Fatale continues to perform in both online and offline venues, along with working on projects based on Second Life. News, shows, and information about Nexeus can be found on his website


One Response to “May 13th, 2010: Nexeus Fatale”

  1. Gabby Panacek Says:

    Wifey lite? Wifey 1.0? Screw a bunch of that noise, I’m claiming Wifey 24.7! I love you, Nexy. You are the best friend a girl could have…and you follow instructions well. <3

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