May 14th, 2010: Norajean Jonson

Friday, and this is my weekend with my five-year old daughter. I love our weekends. We had a nice Friday and went out for dinner. Now she is safely tucked into bed I have logged into Second Life to enjoy music and good friends. I will DJ later, industrial and electronic music.

Most of my SL no one knew I was a mother. I joined SL December 2007. I was not in the greatest place in my real life. I was still reeling from a badly failed relationship with the father of my daughter. We had been a tight little family until he met someone else and decided to be close to her. I had and still have trust issues and walls that I have put up to protect myself.

When I joined SL I knew nothing of it. I logged in one day for the first time, and I was teleported almost immediately to sex dungeons, ugh. I decided then I did not was to discus my RL with anyone in SL. Then I slowly met good people and found a music scene in SL that appealed to me. At this point there were two reasons I never spoke of my daughter. The first reason was that I felt I had missed my opportunity and it was too late.  The second reason and I hate to admit it, but by not telling, it was yet another protective wall. If I did not tell people about the most important part of my life, I could not let them get close enough to hurt me.

I have told everyone now. I am a RL Mommy and darn proud of it. I always was proud of it. She is my life. What I now want to tell everyone is that when I struggled with learning how to share custody with my ex and his girl friend, my friends in SL helped distract me. When I missed her with all my heart on weekends she was away, you all distracted me. You had no idea you were helping me and still help me, and yet you did and do. And I truly can’t thank you all enough.


Norajean Jonson or Brynn in the real world, is 28 years old and from Ontario, Canada. She is the mother of the most precious little smart mouthed five year old ever (She might be biased there but all parents are). She does accounting for a living for a low income housing co-op, and she truly loves her work. In second life she spends way too much time shopping and dressing her avatar. She Plurks a lot, and occasionally DJs when in world. Her friends in both worlds mean a lot to her.


One Response to “May 14th, 2010: Norajean Jonson”

  1. Gabby Panacek Says:

    What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing <3

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