May 17th, 2010: Isabela Loring

After I signed up to write for today I started thinking, will what I say be interesting enough?  Will people read it?  What do I really want to say about myself and my life?  Wow this is a bit scary.

I chose this day because I am on vacation.  Vacation brings out my inner child from her very deep hiding place.  I absolutely love VACATION.  I plan the trip months in advance, get maps, visualize myself relaxing, do some research on a couple of things I want to be sure to see, think about the things I need to pack and any shopping I need to do prior to my methodical packing. The day I leave I usually wake up way before the alarm sounds due to the excitement and anticipation of it all.  WOOOPEEE!  I am going on vacation.  No work for a whole week (sometimes longer)!!

Friday afternoon right after work the vacation time officially started.  Yesterday was the travel, and today starts the pleasure and relaxation of it all.  For those few people who really know me… they find this extremely funny.  Why you may be asking?  *smiles* My inner child does not surface very often but she has the best time during vacation and other holidays throughout the year.  She is the one that gets the ice cream on my nose and keeps me chatting to the person sitting beside me on the airplane.

Second Life has a way of bringing out the inner-child.  Like hunting Easter Eggs, playing hopscotch, jumping on my bed, wearing green, pink, yellow or blue hair (mostly I wear red as Isabela is a part of the real me) or flying on a witches broom with my best friend TwietyByrd exploring a sim.  I love the fact that I can be anything I want to be in SL and still be me… well the child in me says it is time to go explore some more.


Isabela Loring would love to be able to say she creates or builds wonderful things in SL, but she doesn’t.  She loves to dance, hang with friends, shop and shop and do those fun stores and grid hunts.  She blogs with her best friend Twiety and you can follow them at

The RL Isabela is a native Texan, raised in a small East Texas Town and currently resides in the suburbs of Dallas , where she works for a mental health care insurance company.  She has 3 fur babies (dogs), 2 Italian greyhounds and a whippet.


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