May 18th, 2010: Gracie Kendal

A conversation

Gracie Kendal: So ummmm, Kris? How do you feel today?

Kris Schomaker: To be honest, right now I’m exhausted.

GK: Yea… well duh! I can totally imagine, it was a big day for you.

KS: Hehe well I DID just graduate with my Masters Degree in Art.

GK: I KNOW!! WOOOOTTT!!!!!! Congratulations!!! But, Kris? I want to know how you truly feel.

KS: That’s a great question. How am I supposed to feel?

GK: I can’t answer that for you.

KS: Yea, I guess you’re right. I have been so overwhelmed, numb, stressed, depressed and anxious the last few months I haven’t been able to ‘feel’ anything lately.

GK: Yea?

KS: Yea. Even at my art opening Saturday night I was kinda numb. I mean, it was definitely exciting, it was a huge night for me, I worked so hard but I think I was too distracted.

GK: What from?

KS: Well I was disappointed that a few of my good friends didn’t make it to the exhibit. It was such an important night for me. I kept looking for them, watching and hoping but they didn’t show. Don’t get me wrong, I had other family and friends there, but it would have meant to so much. I felt let down. I felt disregarded. I felt insignificant. Well at least I felt something, huh?

GK: Yea I understand it was important to you, but you can’t let it get to you. You have to move on. You are definitely a fabulous, beautiful and amazing woman!  And today… you graduated!!

KS: Oh yea, I totally know. I was actually worried I wouldn’t feel anything at Graduation. As we lined up to walk to our seats, the Graduation music started playing and I actually felt giddy. Maybe I couldn’t believe I was GRADUATING. I am 37 years old, it’s taken me 7 years to complete my Masters Degree, and I did it!! I felt it. I reveled in the thought that I followed my dreams and persevered.

GK: Yay for you! I am so proud of you Kris!!

KS: You were there with me too, ya know!

GK: Yea, of course I was!


Gracie Kendal is the avatar artist for RL persona Kris Schomaker. Both reside in Los Angeles California and Second Life respectfully. They have been working on a collaboration together called “The Gracie Kendal Project- A conversation with my Avatar” for Kris’s Master’s Thesis in Studio Art. The culminating project included a performance art piece “My Life as an Avatar” in which Kris transformed into her avatar Gracie. The video and portraits can be seen on the project’s blog.


2 Responses to “May 18th, 2010: Gracie Kendal”

  1. Hallie Galli Says:

    Congrats Gracie! The first piece of art I ever bought on SL was yours! :)

  2. Gracie Kendal Says:

    Awwww Thank you so much :))

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